The Ginger Gents, Eric & Flynn

Today we are pleased to be interviewing Eric and Flynn. Many of you already know them, as they are popular ginger brother bloggers from the United Kingdom.

Flynn just had some dental work done so we switched the crunchy cat biscuits we originally planned to serve them for some frozen vanilla nip yogurt.  It’s a favorite of Cyndi’s.

Funny Farmer Felines: It was good of you guys to come so soon after Flynn’s v-e-t- visit. Would you like to introduce yourselves and your family?

Eric: Hi FFF, I’m Eric and this is my brother Flynn. I like to think I am the spokescat, but Flynn has to get his five farthings in now and again. We are littermate brothers and came from a farm where our dad does some work sometimes. We came to our Forever Home when we were 5 1/2 weeks old. We weren’t originally coming until we were 8-10 weeks old, but a big bad old tom cat was hanging around and he had been known to kill baby kitties, so we were whisked away to safety. Our mum is home most of the time because she looks after the horses, and our dad is home working a lot of the time too, but then they spoil it by going off gallivanting without our permission.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any nicknames for each other? From your ‘rents? We figure there isn’t much they can do with the names Eric and Flynn, but humans can be strange.  How about nicknames for each other?

Flynn:  Don’t you believe it! You have never heard such ridiculous nicknames as they call us! Eric used to be 23lbs but mum put him on a diet and he has got down to 19lbs. Because of his weight the Beans call him Flump a Lump and Humpa Lumpa amongst other things!

Eric:  Flynn! How could you tell the world those embarrassing names. I used to be known as Big Eric because of my mancatly fizz-eek and that got abbreviated to Big E which I think sounds rather impressive. Don’t you think so? Anyway, what about when they call you Flynnie Flinskins and the Flin Flan man, or the Flying Flynn? Oh, and of course, we mustn’t forget Chimmy Chipsticks must we!

Flynn:  Okay, I think we can change the subject now. You’ve made your point Humpa Lumpa.

Funny Farmer Felines: You opened blog in July 2006, then in March 2009, your mom moved your blog to Two Devon CatsDo you mind if we ask why your mom took you through such an exhausting period? We mean, you weren’t running from the law or something bad, were you?

Eric: Yes that was an exhausting time. We didn’t know whether we were coming or going. We were on the old Blogger interface and there wasn’t a lot you could do to make your blog look nice. Mum saw all the newer blogs and wanted to change the look of ours but didn’t have the nerve to import it to the new interface. She was sure she would do something wrong and lose everything, so thought the best way would be to start a new blog. We kept the old blog and use it as archives and have put a link to it above the archives to our current blog.

Funny Farmer Felines: Your ‘rents are known to put you in prison and desert you two for months at a time. Okay, slight exaggeration – for days or a couple weeks. Do they at least take Flat Eric & Flat Flynn on their trips? In one way, you’re fortunate. You get the place to yourselves for a while. We can’t get Jan out of the house with a crowbar. On one of their excursions, your mom traveled with a broken leg. We assume (cough, cough) neither of you had anything to do with that?

Flynn:  Oh yes, they are always off gallivanting but it gives us a chance to have some really great house trashing parties. They just deserted us again and we nearly got caught out! We thought they would be gone for a couple of weeks at least, but four days and they were home again. That was a close shave, let me tell you! We have heard a whisper that we are soon to be in lock up for three weeks. It should never be allowed. How would they like it if we kept going off and leaving them?

Flat Eric and Flat Flynn did go on one trip with them but Eric got the hump because Flat Flynn turned out bigger than Flat Eric, so they were never invited to travel with them again.

About mum’s broken leg, I think I will let Eric tell you about that.

Eric:  Umm yeah. Why do I have to tell everyone about it? It wasn’t my fault that mum was clumsy.

Flynn:  Go on, what about the stream and the slippery bank! Do you want me to say what happened?

Eric: Oh okay. Well everyone knows I love water. It was winter and the ground was icy. I was at the bottom of a steep bank paddling in the water and mum decided she wanted to join me.

Flynn:  Not true!!! Mum said it was time to go back and you wouldn’t get out of the water so she was going down to get you and her foot slipped on the ice. She slipped down and jammed her leg against a tree stump and shattered her lower leg and now she makes alarms go off in airports.

Eric:  Well that’s her story. I still think she wanted to join me for a paddle.

Funny Farmer Felines: We were touched by one of your first posts, so we’ll quote what you wrote with a photo. “Here we are wiv Kitty Yum Bum. We came to look after her after her last broffurr went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was all lonely an started to pine away an wouldn’t eat nuffin.When we came, she told us she didn’t like us, but Eric said she had to be his friend an he laid wiv her all the time until she liked us.She went offur the bridge four years ago an we was all sad.” That was such a sweet thing for a mancat to do, Eric. Are you always this sensitive? What about you, Flynn?

Eric:  Yes, I loved Kitty Yumbum very much and still miss her. She was like a mum to me when she eventually realised she loved us. Before we came to live with her she never left the garden, but if we went for a walk she always came as well.

Flynn:  I loved her too, but I have always been a lot more active than Eric and I think she got tired just watching me charging around. She found it a lot easier to cuddle up with Eric. By the way, did you notice how hard we have worked on our spelling?

Funny Farmer Felines: You live on a farm in the country, so you must have a really fun life there. Horses in the field to chase, micies (mices isn’t a word – it must be micies) to hunt, haystacks to play in. What else can you do there? Do you have any other animals besides horses?

Flynn:  We love our life in the country. We used to be allowed to go out on our own but Eric started to go further and further on his walks and the Beans were afraid something would happen to him because sometimes he used to visit the sheepdogs on the neighbouring farm. That meant we were both stopped from going out alone. Thanks Eric!!! At least mum takes us around the fields most days, and dad sometimes comes too.

We love to catch the mousies (not micies!) and sometimes eat them, but we have to be quick or mum throws them away before we get the chance. Most of the horses are all right, but there are a couple who chase us so we have to be careful. Did you know mum once got a photo of Eric kissing a horse? He tries to keep it quiet.

Eric:  There is no keeping secrets with you around, is there Flynn! We don’t have any other animals here. Our neighbours have got chick-hens and sometimes we watch them through the fence but we can’t get close enough to taste them.

Funny Farmer Felines: You are two very handsome mancats. You undoubtedly have numerous ladycats making eyes at you. Do either of you have a special ladyfriend?

Eric: I have a beautiful ladycat friend called Rosie but, sadly, I haven’t seen her for a while. She has a brother called Cheeto.

Flynn:  It’s okay for a mancat to have more than one special ladycat friend, isn’t it? My first special lady friend is Grr from Grr, Midnight and Cocoa. Our Beans met her when they were in LA three years ago. I also have another special lady called Sweet Pea from the Katnip Lounge. They are both the most beautiful ladycats in the world.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do either of you belong to any clubs or groups – the Tabby Cat Club, Naughty Kitties, etc.? Do you get to participate in many of the furry blogosphere events?

Eric:  We both belong to the Gorgeous Gingers which Fat Eric started. We are honoury members of the Island Cats Club. We asked if we could join because GB (Great Britain) is an island after all. Flynn is a member of the Naughty Kitties club because he is always up to mischief. I, of course, was too well-behaved to join. We like to take part in as many events as we can. Talk like a Pirate day will soon be here so we will have to get mum working on that. We also like to take part in as many auctions as we can.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special future plans or changes for your blog?

Eric:  You must be joking! I still haven’t recovered from last time.

Funny Farmer Felines:  What do you consider the best and the worst parts of blogging?

Flynn: Well, the best is easy to answer. We have made so many wonderful friends through the blogs, and we love how everyone tries to help out whenever someone is in trouble.

Eric:  The worst has to be when one of our friends is called to the Rainbow Bridge. We have been blogging for a little over six years now, which means that too many of our long term friends have to leave us. Also, we get so sad for all the kitties who have not been lucky enough to get their Forever Homes yet.

Funny Farmer Felines:You guys have been blogging since July 2006. What advice would you share with new bloggers?

Eric:  Try to keep it fun. We used to visit all our friends every day, but now there are so many blogs that it is impossible to keep up. Mum used to try and would get upset if she couldn’t visit everybody with us. She eventually realised that trying to keep up was making it feel like a chore so now we just do what we can.

Flynn: I agree, and also when you start blogging it can seem very daunting. If you have a problem, just ask, there is always someone who knows the answer.

Funny Farmer Felines: Good advice. Don’t be afraid to ask. We all started out as newbies and learned by asking questions and making the occasional mistake. Eventually we learn enough to share with others.

Thank you for traveling so far. It’s been fun learning more about you.

Whether you’re an old or a new Eric & Flynn friend / fan, be sure to stop by their Our Life by Eric & Flynn blog often.

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  1. Another excellent interview Funny Farmers!
    Eric & Flynn started right around the time we did and they’ve always been special friends. They have such wonderful adventures over there in GB!

  2. Eric and Flynn you know we are your biggest Southern USA fans!! OMCs you two are rock stars for sure. I had no idea you were such men about town!!

    Excellent interview and excellent questions
    hugs madi and Mom

  3. Guys! That WAS THE BESTEST interview ever! Me really enjoyed reading more about yous and how yous gots there and everything (BTW Kozmo wanted me to tell yous, yous guys is his heros)
    Kozmo and Nellie

  4. Mr Flynn and Mr Eric! You are two amazing kitties! Me and Charlie loved your interview with the fab FFF! We enjoyed reading about your wonderful country life surrounded by fields and horses and chick-hens! We are in awe at your mum! She is very brave! First she tried the new blogger interface and then wanted to swim with Eric in the icy water! Amazing!!!

    Awwwww but we think your Beans should not be allowed to go off gallivanting!! Then again you’d not have great house trashing pawties!! LOL!

    Take care

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