Throwback Thursday: 13 Vintage MCM Cat Tchotchkes

vintage mcm cat pencil holder

I can never get enough of mid-century modern style. Add cats, and the combo is hard to resist. Here are 13 throwbacks that I defy you to ignore.

Above, this darling mod century cat-shaped pencil holder from Japan is in the shape of a simplified cat.

It is made of solid wood, with the base that creates the shape of the cat’s body fitting into an ovoid shape that represents the cat’s head. The head is decorated with two applied wood buttons to make cheeks. Two almond shaped eyes are painted on, with a little red plastic pin head for the nose. Projecting fro the nose are the black bristles of the kitty’s whiskers. Two leather cat ears are fixed into holes on the top of the head. Both of the ears are worn, the left one has a tear in it.

$12. Info here.


vintage mcm danish modern bookends from japan


These “Danish Modern” vintage cat bookends were made in Japan. Funny, right?

Solid wood with a metal base that comes out for easy storage and shipping. Size: 4-7/8 x 3-3/4″

$24. Info here.


cat fireplace andirons mcm vintage

I immediately fell in love with this mcm cat andiron set, even though at $750 it’s beyond my price range.  Solid black wrought iron construction, it features a large cat with two tools that show off smaller cats on the handles.

$750. More info here.


Vintage Mid Century Bib Apron - Yellow Cats Rare Mod Kitchen MCM

When you’re in the kitchen whipping up a wieneroni casserole or jello salad, you MUST wear this vintage cat apron with bib. C’mon — let the Betty Draper within you come out!

$15.00. More info here.


Pair of Vintage Siamese cats with bow tie

Years ago, I cam very close to buying a set of 50s-era Siamese cat figurines. Now they’re a little too spendy to talk hubby into. But nothing’s stopping you from buying them!

These are qintessential mid century brass cats with bow ties. Both pieces are in good vintage condition. Taller brass cat is nearly 20″ tall. Both are hefty solid brass pieces.

$95. More info here.


Vintage 1973 Calendar Towel Siamese Cats Greet a New Year

Slip back to 1973 and the Watergate era. This linen towel would be amazing framed in a kitchen. (THINKING: those colors go well with the new powder room. hmmmm…..!)

$30. More info here.


Vintage 1960s Cute Kitsch Wooden Cat Bottle Opener Barware

Would your bar be complete without this kitschy vintage cat bottle opener? I think not!

The cat is made from turned olive wood, with applied green diamante eyes, and leather ears. He has cotton whiskers and a string tail. The opener itself is made from chromed metal.

$16. More info here.

Walter Bosse Design Brass Cat Corkscrew Mid Century Modern England Retro

This brass vintage cat corkscrew would complement that bottle opener, dontcha think?

Designed by Walter Bosse, it’s made in England (which means it’s classy). It is marked on the bottom L/609 ENGLAND. A fantastic piece of mid century modern design!

$33. More info here.


Cats in boxes salt and pepper shakers epsteam

$10 will get you this darling salt-and-pepper set. Cork stopper intact!

$10. More info here.

Siamese Cat Retro Lamp With Faceted Glowing Eyes TV Lamp - Lane Mfg Co. 1950s Mid Century Vintage Rockabilly Lighting

This, believe it or not, is a lamp. The bulb screws in the back:

These lamps were all the rage in the Mid-Century and usually sat upon the television commanding the room.

The eyes are exotic almond shaped blue faceted gem-like stones inset into in the ceramic allowing the light to glow through them creating the air of a watchful Feline peering into the room with its curious glowing eyes.

$210. More info here.

vintage ceramic cat necklace . lilli of california necklace . mcm boomerang jewelry . black cat necklace . porcelain necklaceDid someone say MCM cats?

This vintage cat necklace by Lilli of California is ceramic or porcelain with a heavy glaze. It has been hand painted with a black cat. Who can resist the boomerang shape? The pendant hangs from a black rope.

$58. More info here.


Mid-century modern cat furniture

This is not an authentic vintage item (was there even such a thing as cat furniture in the 60s?), but it is a perfect representation of MCM furniture design. The cabinet body is made from scratch in the artist’s studio and is an 8-layer lamination.

$389. More info here.

SET of 2 - Dimond Black Kitty - Mounted Canvas  Wall Art

Like the cat bed above, this is not authentically vintage, but features a Mad-Men-era design. And it’s available in three color schemes. High quality prints on canvas, mounted with stretchers.

$112, set of two. More info here.


So, which is your favorite? Me, I can’t get that fireplace set out of my mind.

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