URGENT ACTION NEEDED to Save Fire Dept. Cat from Eviction

UPDATE: Edna’s still being evicted, despite the fellas at the station getting her certified as a therapy animal thru the SF SPCA. PLEASE EMAIL a protest to fireadministration@sfgov.org to ask for a stay of eviction and keep Edna in the only home she’s ever known.

A sweet tortie named Edna who runs Fire Station 49 in San Francisco is being evicted on Feb 11, allegedly because a frikkin’ anonymous caller complained about her hanging our around the fire equipment. She was adopted by the station as a kitten four years ago, and is a treasured member of the squad. One of her primary jobs is de-stressing and cuddling the crew after tough calls, and she excels at the task. They call her their “Station Angel.” She’s a hard worker when she’s not napping, and does a fine job maintaining a rodent-free environment at the station.

The hot hunky firemen of Station 49 have a big sad over this, and are asking the public to email fireadministration@sfgov.org to protest the scheduled eviction and keep Edna in her home.

You can follow Firecat Edna on Instagram….at least for as long as she’s still a firecat.

What are you doing still reading this???? Write that email to save Edna!

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  1. messymimi says:

    Written and sent, and i hope it helps.

  2. floyd Fisher says:

    Done. More than likely, this is based on some antiquated animal welfare rule, or a discombobulated calosha regulation that needs rewriting.

    If this cat prevents one heart attack (which it very well can), that saves the SFFD $200,000 in medical costs alone. Not to mention the fact their firefighters will soon be potentially exposed to additional toxins that will be necessary to kill rodents once she is removed from the station.

  3. The cat has been living there for four years, and because of one anonymous nutjob, the management is going to chuck her out?!? That’s not right!

  4. Mary McNeil says:

    Who the bleep would complain about this ? Do they think there’s some health department regulation ? It’s a firehouse – not a 5 Star restaurant. And their chili is probably hot enough to destroy any contaminants possible !
    Get a life out there !

  5. Molly says:

    I sent a respectful message to the Fire Administration. I sincerely hope they will read it and consider my request not to evict Edna. I know I don’t live in San Francisco, but I know about strays and the benefits Edna has to that Firehouse and the men and women who work there. I am hoping for the best.

  6. Deann Pujol says:

    Good luck to Edna and the Station crew.

  7. Maureen Cram says:

    My cats sent a message asking for Edna to stay… all seven of them signed the e-mail.

  8. Patsey Manning says:

    Email sent…hoping Edna can stay!

  9. Vicki Jenkins says:

    Sent letter but too late as action had been taken. Such a shame some people have nothing better to do but complain and/or make things difficult for others. Lots of love to Edna and her Firefighters that love her.

  10. j caroon says:

    I heard about this on TV. Apparently, the cat has been adopted and taken home by one of the firemen. Still, stupid to oust the poor calico from her job.


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