Visiting Georgia, Julie, JJ and Treasure


The photogenic kitties Georgia, Julia, JJ and Treasure from Mickey’s Musings blog are our interview subjects this week.  Of course, we know all kitties are photogenic, but this is their interview so pull up a cushion and enjoy their tail … er, tale.

Funny Farmer Felines: Please introduce yourselves and your human.

Georgia:  I am the main spokescat. I am a tortie and a polydactyl kitty – I have extra toes on my front and back paws. I also have white whiskers on one side and black whiskers on the other side of my face. Mom says I have a reow rather than a meow and she loves that. I will be 11 in July and I am a  pretty laid back kind of kitty.

Julie: I am a  5-year-old black panther kitty.

JJ: I am a mancate and my given name is JoyJoy. Records indicate that I will be 17 later this year. I am a floofy tabby, in pretty good health, but I do have a mild thyroid problem that I take meds for.

Treasure: I am JJ’s brother and also a floofy tabby mancat. I will also be 17 this year. I am slowing down a bit.

Georgia: Our human is a pretty neat person and she really likes kitties. She loves us and makes sure we are all healthy and happy. She can be stingy with food, though. That darn Vet said we could be a bit thinner! Can you imagine that! Well, that goes for her too, heehee.

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Funny Farmer Felines: How did you come to live together?

Georgia: I was taken in by Miss P in 2003, along with Tillie (now at the Bridge). She took in Treasure and JJ in 1997. Mom adopted us when Miss P passed away in 2006. Julie was adopted by Mom in July 2012.

Julie: I was running around outdoors in Mom’s sister’s neighbourhood. (Mom’s sister blogs at Team Tabby.) I was pretty skinny and had blotches of fur missing. I was lonely and hungry. Mom’s sister and other people put food out for me. Mom likes black cats, so her sister called her and as soon as Mom saw me, I had a home!

Funny Farmer Felines: Your mom once worked for Miss P, a lady who ran a sanctuary, and your mom helped find homes for the cats. Tell us a little about that.

Georgia: Miss P loved animals, cats in particular. Mom was in a job she did not like, so she came to help Miss P.  Sadly, things did not work out well. Miss P had Cancer and it was spreading. Not only that, some of the board members also had health issues. In early 2006, she was in hospital and in July of that year, she went to the human Bridge. After her passing, it was decided to wind things down at the Sanctuary.

With the help of her sister, Mom found good homes for many of the cats . It was amazing how so many people were interested in these cats as they were, on average, about 10 years old. Mom’s sister adopted 3 kitties. Mom kept the rest and at that time there were 5 of us plus her own kitty, Mickey. Mom then needed to find another job.

Funny Farmer Felines: Tell us a little about the area where you live.

Georgia: We live in a residential community that is named after Lake Echo. It is about 25KM (15.5miles) from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We live on a road that has lots of woods. Off to one side of our place is a river that flows into Lake Echo.  The community is fairly small, but we are well situated. There is a store, community center and our vet all within walking distance.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any nicknames?

Georgia: Not so much. Mom calls me “Georgie Porgie” and Julie gets “Julie Doolie”

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you all get along?

Georgia: Mostly we do. Treasure, being the jealous one, will try to move us away if he wants attention or thinks we are getting too much attention. He is a needy cat and requires reassurance that he is loved. He was picked on by another cat when he first came to Miss P.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you like to get into mischief or are you well-behaved all the time?

Georgia:  I like to pull myself along the floor using the chair.  We all love to sleep on Mom and take up all the bed space so she cannot move.

Julie:  I like to rub my face with my paws when Mom rubs my belly.

Treasure:  I might be an older kitty, but I still love to tear around the house at high speed. I am  good at ThoE (thundering herd of elephants).  Mom says that I am a nervous and high strung kitty, as I run away when she wants to brush me, put me in  a PTU, or try to pill me.

JJ: I love to keep Mom company when she is at the computer. I also like to help her eat her food sometimes, but she does not always share.

Funny Farmer Felines: Your blog opened in August 2007 when Angel Mickey was 14 years old. He and Angel Miss Peach were a well-loved couple and it was sad when the blogosphere lost each of them. Do any of you have a special mancat or ladycat?

Julie: At this stage, we do not have special friends, though Georgia has admirers  It must be those big round eyes of hers.

Funny Farmer Felines: You always have such great photos – many of them are closeups – to post of yourselves on your blog. Who is your photographer?

Julie: Mom is our photographer. When Mom’s sister said she wanted a new camera that would challenge her, Mom thought it would be neat if they both got the same camera so they could help each other. They got DSLR cameras and often go out together to take pictures. They also wanted a camera that would allow them to take pics of us in low light  and when we are active! They have fun and we like that sometimes  Mom uses the zoom so the flashy box is not in our faces. However, we like to drive her crazy by not looking at the camera! We like to make her work hard for the pictures

Funny Farmer Felines: Are you able to participate in many blogosphere activities, such as Pirate Day, Dr. Seuss Day, etc.?

Julie: We do try to get involved in some activities, but Mom does not always help.  She works in Halifax and is gone from home 12 hours a day. However, we always like to do Pirates Day, Halloween, Remembrance Day and Christmas.  And I’m a member of the House Panthers blog.  Mom would like to be more active as she likes graphics.

Funny Farmer Felines: What prompted you to start blogging?

Georgia: When Mom first came here in 2005, she did not have a digital camera. She liked looking at cat shelters on the internet and sites about black cats. Then she came across some blogs and the Cat Blogosphere.  One-Eyed Jack was one of the first blogs she followed. Over time, she explored the internet more, got a camera and decided to help us start blogging. At first it was Mickey, Tillie and me; then Mom introduced the others (JJ,Treasure and Tiger),  It took a while to start blogging as Mom was pretty busy with Miss P and all the other kitties. Funny Farmer Felines:  It has been fun getting to know these blogging kitties better.  Georgia, Julie, JJ and Treasure can be visited at their blog, Mickey’s Musings.

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    1. Great interview with the gang! We love learning more about you (we didn’t know about how you came to be with your Mom). 🙂

    2. Your doctor lives within walkin’ distance? PAWIN’ DISTANCE? Do you mean that you can get there WITHOUT gettin’ in the car? NICE! Not that I’m overly found of visitin’ the doctor but for me, one of the worse parts is the car ride there. Only five minutes but still, THAT’S FIVE MINUTES TOO LONG! Know what I mean?


    3. Oh I loved reading your interviews. You are long favorites of me, Admiral and Mommy. Love you all and Treasure, he’s FURRY handsome!

    4. We had fun with the interview.
      Yes we did keep a few things back 😉 heehee
      There are some things we don’t want Mom to know!
      We are glad you liked the interview 🙂
      Purrs Georgia and Julie,
      Treasure and JJ

    5. another grate interviews FFF…N wee bee ona cell sew pleez ta eggzcuze any typoz ya mite see:)
      we loves georgia, julie, treasure & jj and we gotta agree with TT…we think ewe guys with held
      sum info bout de hole…trubull izzue :). heerz two a grate week oh end with plentee oh flounder XXXXXXX

    6. Great interview furcousins! We loved reading your responses and some of the questions such as

      ” Do you like to get into mischief or are you well-behaved all the time?”

      …you answered very well, hee, hee.


    7. Enjoyed this very much. We learned many things about these kitties we didn’t already know. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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