Well, duh, yeah it’s a CATWALK!

A stray cat joined the models on the catwalk during the recent Esmod International Fashion Show in Istambul, Turkey. A city famous for its street cats, Istambul seemed the purrfect place for the young moggy to launch her modeling career, and the stroll down the catwalk came naturally to her. In fact, she was so comfortable with her debut that she took a break from the strutting to swipe at fellow models’ legs and dangling sashes, and then engage in some impromptu butt licking. “Hygiene is important,” she told one backstage fan. “I don’t want the next Richard Avedon to catch me sporting crusties down there.”

No prima donna, she took time out for a meet-n-greet with her adoring fans in the front row. Somewhere up there, Skeezix is smiling.

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  1. Hahaha!  That kitten was just too cute, wanting to play with the models!

  2. ERin the cat says:

    She sure is the best looking model on that catwalk! Natural poise and an awsome swagger and frankly the ONLY way to wear fur! 

    Purrs ERin

  3. Ellen Pilch says:

    That is too cute.

  4. Marion B says:



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