Will 2016 Be the Year You Don’t Have to Buy Cat Litter? GIVEAWAY #spons


What kitty would be caught dead celebrating the New Year without a fancy little Tiny Hat on his head? And if that kitty is a Tidy Cat wearing a Tiny Hat, he could win A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF CAT LITTER!!!

The maker behind Tiny Hats for Cats, Adam Ellis, has teamed  with Tidy Cats to ring in the New Year with style. And YOU could be on the winning end of that collaboration, winning a Tiny Hat for your own kitteh and a year’s supply of litter. (No, it won’t be dumped in your driveway in one big pile at once. The winner gets coupons for Tidy Cats tubs, to redeem at your convenience.)

About Adam Ellis and Tiny Hats

Ellis believes that EVERY cat deserves to feel fancy!

His Tiny Hat empire had modest beginnings, just an impulse to put a hat on his cat Maxwell so he could join the #catsofinstagram. One hat lead to another… and another. And then a book deal.

Ellis is adamant that adopting a pet improves your life. A lifetime cat guy, the only time he was feline-free was in college, which he describes as a “pretty dark time.” As soon as he was financially able to care for someone other than himself, he made a beeline for the shelter to get a cat.



To that end, he executes some millinery magic, producing exquisitely designed tiny hats, and even more magically, he gets the cats to wear them. Wouldn’t you love to have one of your very own?

Are you one of the 47 people left on the planet who has not heard of Ellis’ stylish hats for cats? Then check out his instagram page!

lookbackBuckaroo and Banzai were lucky enough to receive a bespoke Adam Ellis original New Years Tiny Hat as part of this Tidy Cats promotion. Banzai is pretty sure that them’s good eatin’ hats. But he has to wait until AFTER New Years to kill it.

Adam Ellis Tiny Hats and Tidy Cats Giveaway

Tidy Cats is giving one lucky mousebreather the chance to win a custom Adam Ellis Tiny Hat and a
YEAR’S SUPPLY of cat litter

There are several ways to enter using the widget below — and you can tweet daily for additional chances to win.





THE FINE PRINT: Tidy cat has provided the prizes for this post. As a Tidy Cat Insider, Mousebreath received a stipend for writing this post.

Tidy Cats

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  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    I wonder if they would cover litter for 14 cats if we won 🙂

  2. Panky: Iz hope we win. DaMa can donate the litter to her favorite kitten rescue Itsie Bitsie Rescue.
    Troyer: If we win, you’re wearing the Tiny Hat.

    Polydactyl Panfur Purrs

  3. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    Wish it would really cover all of our litter furr a year! MOL 🙂 Since there are 33 litter pans in use at all times, purrobably not, huh? Xoxoxco Dancer and the SDR Clan


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