10 Cat Jewelry Christmas Gifts — and a Super Duper Rebate!

Caitlyn Minimalist creates bespoke necklaces based on your pet's photograph. Engraving is available. (Flash sale going on this weekend!)

$31.20 (limited time sale)


Your lobes will dance when wearing these adorable sterling silver cat earrings!

$23.52 from 



This sterling silver ring from Triple T Studios is only $19.99 — and you can get 20% off with coupon code mousebreath20.

$19.99 at Triple T Studios

This sterling silver cat pendant hides a pearl within! Use coupon code mousebreath20 to get an additional 20% off

$39.99 — and get 20% off with coupon code mousebreath20.

This happy ring of cats is on sale for $14.99 (and take an extra 20% off with coupon code mousebreath20):

$14.99 (and 20% off with coupon code mousebreath20)

This sterling silver cat ring is only $14.99 — and you get 20% off with coupon code mousebreath20:

$14.99 at Triple T Studios (don't forget coupon code mousebreath20 for an additional 20% off!)

Here's another purrsonalized cat necklace, this one from Mignon and Mignon:

$24.50 (limited time sale)

Stir up some Christmas spirit with this enameled Christmas stocking cat brooch from Shelley Cooper Jewelry:
$35.10 from Shelley Cooper Jewelry

This Darling Jewelry Studio necklace is sublime! It comes in a variety of designs and metal choices:

$23.99 and up at Darling Jewelry Studio.

'This steampunk pendant necklace from Cat Lovers World is sure to generate attention! 

$41.03 at Cat Lovers World

Don't Miss Out on Rebates!

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4 thoughts on “10 Cat Jewelry Christmas Gifts — and a Super Duper Rebate!

    1. When I order jobs from the printer for my hubby's business, I get 6% back…. jobs are usually around $1000, so that's $60 in my pocket—for doin' nuthin;! I buy just about everything online, so it's kind of like a Christmas Club saving plan for me….free money I can use to buy Christmas and birthday gifts…and ME gifts! And there's NO CATCH! 

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