10 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers for Fluffy

If your cat has managed to stay off the Naughty List (and has not been like Reno peeing on everything in sight, recently), be sure to reward her with a stocking jam-packed with fun. There’s still time to get any of the following before Christmas if you’ve got Amazon Prime:

Home grown nip blunts, $12.99

All-time fave: The Yeowww! Catnip banana. $5.99

Rollerball on 3 levels! $17.14

Homer’s Fave: Springs! Great for hardwood/tile floors. 10-pack: $4.99, 20-pack $6.45.

Here are some robotic toys to keep your cat’s attention until next Christmas!


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If your cat’s been REALLY nice, gift him with this robotic cat toy, voted best cat toy of 2018 by the American Pet Products Assoc. $149.99

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Tired of being pestered to play the Red Dot Game? Put it on autopilot! $17.95

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Interactive Automatic Teaser Play Toy with electronic feather toy inside $20.95

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Ambush Interactive Cat Toy. Feather prey automatically pops out. $25.95

Robotic running mice toy $16.89

Hexbug robotic toy with irresistible tail feather! $7.99

4 thoughts on “10 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers for Fluffy

  1. Oh boy oh boy!!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful items, items that SHOULD have been on my Santa list but somehow aren't! The mouse and bird ones look wonderful, and as for the nip reefers, well, I think there would be some very nipped up cats come Christmas night, MOL

    I do hope you get some too, maybe the electronic mouse, or the feather prey?

    Happy Festive season to you all!


    ERin and Mrs H


  2. Our cats are never on the naughty list.  Not that they don’t occasionally deserve to be (we all do), but they never quite find themselves actually put there.  Catnip will be served all the way around!

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