12 Catified Days of Christmas!

I’m not an over-the-top fan of the Christmas season like so many people are…for me, it’s a stressor I’d just as soon live without. Maybe part of that comes from never having gotten that Chatty Cathy doll I yearned for when I was a kid. A package of Fruit of the Looms just isn’t the same.

But I do love the tree, especially the process of decorating it. The cats “help,” Homer loves climbing the ladder, and I’m filled with warm fuzzies as I pull out ornament gifts I’ve received from cat people over the years. This year, I added a sweet little wool tabby to my collection. I picked it up in Sag Harbor NY, where I had dinner with my best friend, Jeter Harris’ mom. I shall think of her and that charming evening every year as I unpack that little tabby.

Another tradition is to replace the ornaments killed the previous year. Despite hanging only unbreakable ornaments in the lower branches, my demonic duo (Home & Reno) manages to pull down Shiny Brites from the higher branches and smash them to smithereens. I’m sure the perp is Reno because Homer is The. Good. Cat.

So, I’m always on the lookout for ornaments. On the top of the list are vintage Shiny Brites and cat ornaments.

Here are a few I’ve spotted as I’ve combed the interwebs in pursuit of memorable ornaments, one for each of the days remaining until Christmas (those with an asterisk are available through Amazon Prime with free one- or two-day delivery):

The Crazy Cat Lady

Plush Tuxie ($14.99)

Oh Christmas Tree!* ($10.18)

Choose-Your-Breed Ornament ($12.99)

House Panther! ($6.99)

Kurt Adler resin ornaments (collection of 4) ($43.93)

Another sweet little house panther ($8.99)

PURRsonalized ornament ($9.99)

Photo frame ornament* ($12.04)

Handmade Ceramic Ornament ($19.95)

Christopher Radko Coy Cat Ornament* ($58.30)

…and another Radko Cat Ornament ($56.00)

(The Fine Print: This post contains affiliate links.)

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  1. Well, Mom doesn’t decorate a tree either now! We cats just got a cool package! Yeow! Banana!! Mouse Chaser toy I am Mango and I love this Mousey best!!

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