13 Cheap Build-a-Bear Options for Holiday Attire

skeezix and mao build-a-bear christmas
Great Holiday Cards don’t just make themselves. Some cat parents plan for months, seeking just the right costume, accessories and backdrop.

It can get pricey. Costumes from pet sites can start at $25 and go up from there. Yikes.

The first place we look for Christmas Card costumes is Build-a-Bear. The costumes are too small to fit our 22-lb tabby, Tripper, but they’re just the right size for Skeezix (6 lbs.) and Mao (if he sucks in his belleh).

Build-a-Bear outfits are dirt cheap. Just about everything is under $10, and most closer to $8.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, the base price is a tiny bit higher, but you get free 2-day shipping.

Both of the outfits in the photo above are from Build-a-Bear. I embellished the Christmas Tree Costume with some real mini Christmas balls to give it a little bit more dimensionality.

If you are buying the outfits to pose your pussies for a holiday card and the cats are a little large for the outfits, remember that all that matters is what the camera sees. Splitting a seam down the back of the dress and holding it on with a safety pin is completely ok, so long as it’s out of the camera’s view. Same thing with taking in too-large outfits. Staples are your friend. (Don’t staple the cat, though!)

Here are a few Build-a-bear Holiday outfits and accessories (click a thumbnail to biggify):

Go shopping at Build-a-bear!

5 thoughts on “13 Cheap Build-a-Bear Options for Holiday Attire

  1. If anyone tries to dress me up…let’s just say the words “toothy death” and “blood” will be used… But BaB stuff is pretty cool. The Woman got a karate outfit for her stuffed Thumper there…

  2. This is an amazing idea! I’ll definitely love wearing a costume for picture taking since I am so photogenic. My sister Nut Nut however has a hard time keeping still:) We’ll just have to catch her when she is a wee bit sleepy.

  3. I go commando all the time, but Mom has gotten stuff for Finny at yard sales. Blurpy clothes are reely cheap and in good condition when the blurpies hardly used them.


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