13 Cat Collages for the Purrfect Living Space

Collage art is infinitely interesting, providing an ongoing Easter egg hunt as you discover new facets of the work. They can be as elementary as a school kid’s magazine-pastings to sophisticated mixed media works by “real” artists. This week we have 13 cat collage works any cat lover would love to have adorn her walls:

Cats and Snakes by Dan Casado



Walk the Walk collage by Kathryn DeMarco





Hazel Cat-Anthropomorphic Cat by LuckDuck



Hurt Feelings by Bipolar Betty





Gin and Tonic Nana by PuppyLoveStuff




Artist unknown


dating a gemini man
Shall We Have Butterfly or Frog For Lunch? by sarahogren



by Lieschen Mueller











fulcrum gallery

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