13 Cat-terrific Things I Learned at BlogPaws

1) Miss Moderncat rocks.
OK, I always knew this, but this year Miss Moderncat herself — Kate Benjamin — and Jackson Galaxy sponsored the Catification Lounge at BlogPaws. BlogPaws needs more cats, and the Catification Lounge fit the bill. It was chock-full of modern cat products and the cats in attendance got to try everything out. Good job, Kate and JG!

Frank Gehry inspired cat cubes

2) https://mousebreath.com/lds-online-dating/ is a happy healthy cat.
When I read about disabled cats online and extraordinary measures being taken to rehab them, I wonder about the cat’s quality of life and whether the rehab route is the best road taken.

One of the cats I’ve been following for a long time is Moki Fogg. I met him at BlogPaws and saw a very special, happy, well-cared-for cat who just happens to have a neurological problem they haven’t been able to diagnose. Rehab is definitely helping him to improve. His guardian, Crystal, is extremely knowledgeable and obviously has Moki’s interests at heart. I’m so so happy I got to meet them.

moki fogg and crystal

3) You should always have an acceptance speech ready (like the overachieving Glogirly did when she won best meow blog.)
I thought it was a foregone conclusion that hook up 3 way electrical switchDeb Barnes would win best blog design, so I had no acceptance speech and blathered on embarrassingly when I had the mic.

4) Cat Lady Bloggers are THE. BEST.

I always knew this, too, but every year BlogPaws reinforces it. The sharing of information continues to astonish me. Despite being ambitious, cat lady bloggers are supportive and generous. They share contacts and opportunites, refer reputable friends for sponsor opportunities.

5) Men are all about the equipment.

In Kenn (dating for couples) Bell’s excellent master’s class in video production the men tended to ask equipment questions and the women asked questions about the stories and interviewing people. Bell was good about reminding everyone that it’s not about the equipment. If you tell a great story you can make amazing films with just an iPhone.

Petsmart's Brett Michaels' line of pet fashions modeled by phoebe

6) https://mousebreath.com/dating-cougar/ is a great go-to place for pet fashions.
I can always find something for Skeezix to wear when I’m in PetSmart, but the new online dating research articlesline takes it to a new level. Yes, pet fashions can be gritty and girly at the same time.

7) Boy do I love orange tabbies (sorry, Jeter Harris)
Two memorable orange tabbies were at BlogPaws, Zeus and Phoebe. Their dad (who proved that cat guys can be crazy and creative, too) had fashioned an amazing cat Winnebago from a donated PetSmart shopping cart and recycled materials. Zeus and Phoebe were well trained and personable, making me want to get an orange tabby all over again.

8) Peter Wolf is an unapologetic cat guy who also happens to be brilliant.

Peter is the genius behind Vox Felina, a blog dedicated to feral cat and TNR education. I’d been dying to meet him and finally got my chance at BlogPaws. If you are involved in TNR or feral cat management, Vox Felina is a must-read.

9) Fancy Feast knows how to package swag like nobody else.
Fancy Feast Mornings Cat Food
Well, all of the Purina cat brands do an excellent job with innovative packaging for gifts packs and swag. In this case, they packaged three cans of Fancy Feast Mornings cat food in a mini “egg carton.” They get the prize for most memorable swag.

10) There’s a cat out there who outshines Skeezix and Daisy the Curly Cat on the fashion front.

Coco of Curlz and Swirlz turned heads with her multiple costume changes and adorable outfits.

11) Daisy the Curly Cat is the gold standard in cat blogging.

No surprise. Her name is on every cat blogger’s tongue and she was mentioned in two of the three sessions I attended. The attention is well-deserved. Now, if we could only get her mom to attend BlogPaws 2013 in Virginia!
12) Dogs aren’t so bad.
And some of them have a pretty good fashion sense, like this pit bull:

13) Never wear cute pink leopard print rubber shoes you’ve never worn before on the first day.

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  1. There was soooo much to absorb, learn, people to meet at BlogPaws. As a newbie I loved every minute. Thanks for the memories and reminders. Karen, Congratulations on your award!

  2. damn you – always doing posts that make me think damn, i should have done a post like that. very creative as always Karen! will share!

  3. Thanks for sharing about your experience. At least we can live vicariously through everyone who attended. Can’t wait to get there next year!

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