13 Cats Honor RBG

My weekend was ruined by the passing of feminist and legal icon, the notorious RBG. I won’t wax poetic about her truly transcendent awesomeness right now because you can get that via any ol’ news outlet. What you may not know is that cats across the land are celebrating her life and her legacy.

cat costume rbgYou can buy this one (costume, not cat) HERE.

You can buy this print HERE (affiliate link).

ruth bader ginsburg cat

This one was posted by Annie Lamott:



Thank you for your service, Justice Ginsburg.

4 thoughts on “13 Cats Honor RBG

  1. This is totally awesome! While looking I was laughing & crying at the same time! I thought maybe it was my “rusty nail” that had changed my vision! But it was so awesome! Well done! Very very very very well done!!!

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