13 Cheap Ways to Catify Your Garden

Continuing the cat gardening theme… once you’ve got it planted, it’s time to catify it. There are few things more delightful than visiting a cat lady’s garden and discovering, like Easter eggs, cat sculptures, garden stakes and other outdoor art throughout. Here are 13 handcrafted cat-themed garden art that won’t break the bank — none will cost you more than $51.

cat garden sculpture
Cat Stake: $44.10


cat garden sculpture
Cat Statue: $15


cat garden sculpture
Tuxie Cat Garden Stake: $18


Do not displease the cats garden sign: $28
Do not displease the cats garden sign: $28


https://mousebreath.com/younger-men-dating-older-women/Cat Heart Garden Stake: $40


Custom Cat Garden Decoration: $51



Cat Garden Flag: $20


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Cat Garden Planter: $45


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Happy Cat Garden Stake: $25


Buddha Cat Garden Sculpture


Buddha Cat Garden Sculpture: $37


Tuxie Cat Garden Stake


Tuxie Cat Garden Stake: $40


concrete cat couple garden sculpture

Cat Couple Garden Sculpture: $40


cat welcome garden sign


Cat Welcome Garden Sign: $28


Cat Angel Garden Stake

Cat Angel Garden Stake: $28

3 thoughts on “13 Cheap Ways to Catify Your Garden

  1. Great roundup! I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a gnome to my garden, but now you have me thinking in a different direction!!

  2. I showed these to Dad. He really wants to try some potted stuff this year. He says he can handle that on the porch out of his wheeled seat. He promised plenty of cat grass and nip so we are all in.

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