13 iPad and iPhone Cat Design Cases & Skins

Hot Pink and black cat patter iPad case

Cats across the globe have gone wild for iPads after the introduction by Friskies of some amazingly entertaining games for cats that are pawfect for killing time between naps and treats.

For today’s Thursday 13, we have 13 skins and cases for your iPads, iPhones and iPods, specially designed with cats in mind. Click any image for purrchase info.

Cat in the Hat iPad Case

Vintage Lace Cat Patterned iPad case

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Cat Patterned iPad Case

ipad case with cat applique from etsy

Party Cat iPad Case

iPhone catse with cat design



3 thoughts on “13 iPad and iPhone Cat Design Cases & Skins

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    1. Pretty odd that one of your own friends isn’t answering your email. Speaks volumes.What you might considering doing is no longer refer those of us who follow your website to her website that until she decides to become more transparent.
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