13 Reasons We’re about to Wet Our Pants

BlogPaws is just a week away, and the excitement here is effervescing like Mentos in a Coke bottle. Skeezix and I are collaborating on this week’s Thursday 13 post to share the top reasons we’re about to wet ourselves in anticipation of the world’s biggest pet blogger social media conference in Salt Lake City next week.

1) Master Class in Videography by Kenn Bell

KAREN: On Thursday, there’s a master’s class in videography by filmmaker Kenn Bell (Hero Dogs of 9/11). Since my video skills are limited to pressing the RECORD button and adding titles to the finished product, I’m hoping to pick up some good pointers from a real pro.

SKEEZIX: Well, I could praktikly TEECH a class in moovey making cuz I’m such an expurrt at it, but I wood like to git his input on my latest moovey, “Huntin’ for Jeter Harris.” I used sum pritty advanst moovey making tekneeks in it and I think he’ll be impresst. He mite even ask me to share a cupple of pointers with the class like my trademark nek-held camra tekneek.

2) The Catification Lounge

Catification Lounge at blogpaws - Jackson Galaxy and moderncatSKEEZIX: I’m gonna be spending most of my time in the Catification Lounge. It’s hosted by my grate frends Jackson Galaxy and Moderncat’s byootiful and talented Kate Benjamin. I don’t know if one room can contain that much cat mojo at one time!!! Espeshully win all the flat cats deesend upon it!

Kate is a purrsunal frend of mine and she’s promist that thare will be a lot of giveaways and cool cat stuff thare. Jackson Galaxy (hoo I call Jacksie cuz we’re just that close) will appeer via Skype cuz he’s bizzy filming in LA).  I can hardly wate!

3) The Flats!

KAREN: Who knew when I first showed up with Flat Skeezix in Dayton, Ohio, that I would be starting a Flat Pet revolution!

SKEEZIX: You don’t git to take kredit for it. I started the Flat Pet Revolution win Flat Skeezix wint to Ireland in 2007!

KAREN: Whatever. BlogPaws boasts the biggest congregation of Flat Pets in the world! I dream that one day, Flat Pets will have their very own social media conference.

SKEEZIX: Flat Skeezix will be there with bells bling on!

4) Flat Pet Breakfast

KAREN: Speaking of the Flats, there’s a Flat Pet Breakfast on Saturday morning with our great friends, Bev van Zant and Flat Tyler.

SKEEZIX: Hey, yoo know whut a Flat Cat eats for brekfist?

KAREN: No, I give up.


5) Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog

SKEEZIX: I don’t much like dogs, but I’ll make an ixsepshun for Tillman, the faymuss bulldog hoo skatebords. I wunt to lern how to skatebord like him. It looks fun! And then maybe I can master surfin’! He’s gonna be thare for the opening reesepshun on Thurzday nite!

KAREN: I love bulldogs. Meeting Tillman is gonna be THE BEST!

SKEEZIX: But we’re not gitting a bulldog in our famly, rite?

KAREN: Maybe I will. Tripper needs a friend.

SKEEZIX: nooooooooo!

6) Norman the Scooter Dog

KAREN:You can’t mention Tillman without adding that Norman the Scooter Dog will be at the Thursday reception, too.

SKEEZIX: Norman’s ginormous. I don’t think I wunt to git too close to him. But I wood like to lern how to ride a skooter. I’m a vary good driver. And I wood like tips on how to git on all the morning shows.

7) Junior and Orion and Sammy’s Mom

SKEEZIX: I’ve known Junior and Orion sinse I wuz a kittin, so I can’t wate to meet thare mom!

KAREN: I can’t either! She is going to be part of the Mousebreath Entourage at the Nose-to-Nose pet blogging awards on Saturday night.

SKEEZIX: Wate just a minit! I thot she wuz gonna be part of the Skeezix the Cat Entoorage. Are yoo steeling my entoorage?

KAREN:We can share, Skeezy. I’m sure she’ll cheer for both of us.

8) Chey and Ichiro’s Mom!

KAREN: I’m very excited to get to visit with Chey and Ichiro’s typist again. I think Flat Chey and Flat Ichiro and coming, too! Mousebreath will be well represented.

SKEEZIX: My big bruther Mao sed that you shood buy stock in the fome kore cumpunny if she’s making a Flat Chey cuz of how much fome kore is reqwired to make Flat Chey’s big booty.

KAREN: Skeez, that’s just not true. SKEEZIX: I’m pritty shur it is. Mao sed so.

9) Coco of Curlz N Swirlz!

KAREN: We LOVE seeing Teri and the nekkid (or nearly nekkid) curlz n swirlz gang at BlogPaws. No, they’re not flat — they’re the real thing!

SKEEZIX: I like Brighton cuz he looks just like me with tan splotches. Well, akshully, I like all of them. I have a thing for Rexes.

KAREN: This year they’re coming on a plane and only one can come along, and Coco was the winner of a contest to see who could go.

SKEEZIX: Krap! Yoo meen Brighton and Disco arn’t coming?

KAREN: Nope, just Coco.

SKEEZIX: Well, I gess that’s OK. She’s hot.

10) Romeo’s Typist’s Pinterest Pointers

KAREN: I LOVE Pinterest and could spend 20 hours a day browsing on it. But I’d also like to maximize its value in making Mousebreath a social media icon. This year at BlogPaws, Romeo the Cat‘s mom is going to lead a breakout session on Pinterest. Pinterest wasn’t even on anyone’s radar last year.

SKEEZIX: I mostly use Pinterest to git good feline fashion tips but I’m also looking forwerd to whut Romeo’s mom has to say.

KAREN:Me, too!

11) Exhibits and Free Stuff!

SKEEZIX: Last yeer, I not only got stuff in my swag bag, but I also got a bunch of Martha Stewart fashions frum my frends at PetSmart. I reely raked in a good haul!

KAREN: At Mousebreath, we talk to a lot of PR people and pet industry brands, and I always enjoy meeting the people I’ve talked to online for so long. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have any giveaways.

SKEEZIX: Do you remember the Iams foto booth last yeer?  Yoo sqweezed in with Jake and Bathsheba’s mom and got sum nice pikchers!

KAREN: J & B’s mom is the best! I really like those calendars with the hunky cat guys on it.

12) Learning to Live Stream

KAREN: I’ve always been interested in live streaming  but never knew how, so I’m looking forward to the live streaming session.

SKEEZIX: I’ve offen dreemed of having The Skeezix Show online with all the innernets watching. Then maybe I could take over the Jay Leno show. 

KAREN:You can always dream. But let’s learn how to do it first.

13) Nose-to-Nose Awards

KAREN: BlogPaws will end with the First Annual Nose-to-Nose awards, and both Skeezix and Mousebreath are finalists – Skeezix for Best Blog Design, and Mousebreath for Best New Blog. We’re busy lining up people to be part of our entourage for the awards ceremony.

SKEEZIX: Like I stand a chance against Zee and Zoey.

KAREN: There, there, little guy. It’s an honor just to be nominated.

SKEEZIX: I’m afrade I’ll kry in frunt of evrybuddy if I don’t win. And how can I win if I’m up aginst Zee & Zoey???

KAREN: The competition is stiff in my category, too. We’ll just have to practice smiling politely and clapping when somebody else wins… and then say, “There’s always next year!”


KAREN: Me, too, buddy. So let’s just go and have a fabulous time!

9 thoughts on “13 Reasons We’re about to Wet Our Pants

  1. And our Meowm can’t wait to meet you either! She is still working on our flats though, she is incredibly pokey. Meowm can’t wait for th swag either!!!!! Maybe you can come to our home and have a picture taken with the real us!!!!!

  2. I am never going to hear the end of how bummed the Woman is that she can’t go. The WHINING here…holy heck.

  3. mom says she hopes she can go next year – it always sounds like so much fun. just too far this year….. we think we read somewhere that the awards will be live online so we will poke mom to remind her to let us watch!! kiss coco for us….she is HOT

  4. And don’t forget you’ll get to meet Zee and Zoey’s person too! And it’s just Flat Chey. There is no Flat Ichiro (shudders at the thought).

    1. The woman has a pink case for her smart phone–she’s thinks of the FL. She has leopard print undies too that she got new and thinks of Zee and Zoey’s person.

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