13 Stylish Cat Pillow Cases Purrfect for Catnaps

The true cat lover lives cats 24 hours a day. How better to have sweet kitty cat dreams than to sink your sleepy head into a pillow with a distinctive cat design on it? ┬áHere are 13 original designs … click the image to view the product info for each item. Prices are listed when available.


This circle of love cat design fits purrfectly into modern interiors. $28.40 :

cat and heart moon pillow case

Love these vivid jewel tone colors — and cats, cats everywhere! $20:

folk art colorful cat pillowcases


Don’t want any ol’ cat on your pillowcase? You can get a custom design with your cat’s photo on it. $18.95:

custom cute cat pillowcase



These cat head cases go well with monochromatic color schemes. $28:

cute black and white cat pillowcases


Not sure what this one’s all about, but we love it! $23.40:

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Not quite sure about this one, either. $25:

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Proclaim your love for all things cat! $21.40:

love cats pillow case


The mythical catalope. $26:

wild catalope pillow case



Were truer words ever spoken? Sales from this one benefit the American Childhood Cancer Association. $10:

sleeping cat pillow case


I’m surprised hubby hasn’t purchased this one for me already. $16:

i don't do mornings custom cat pillow case

Who can say no to pink and cute kittehs? $12.99:


pink white black cat pillow cases


These trippy hippy cat eye pillowcases might cause insomnia. $39.99:

trippy hippy cat eye pillow cases


And we saved the best for last. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find purchase info:

cute cat pillowcases


Sweet dreams!!!

7 thoughts on “13 Stylish Cat Pillow Cases Purrfect for Catnaps

  1. purrfectly cute pillowcases but the last one is my fave! i have to save up for 1 or 2 pillowcases plus shipping/other fees. hmmmmp!

  2. Oh my cat! Wull take two of each (except fur the psychadelik eye ones) and please stuff them with lotsa feathurs!

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