13 Cats you won’t shoo down from your table

This week we’ve got a baker’s dozen of striking cat-themed salt and pepper shaker sets. These are cats you won’t want to shoo down to the floor. Click any image or link for product info and pricing.

cat salt and pepper shaker
We have several Romero Britto Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets this week.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brilliant use of color.



Got tuxies? Then this cute Tuxedo Cat Salt and Pepper Set is a MUST HAVE!
Cat salt and pepper shaker - tuxedo cats



Even though one is canine, who can resist this whimsical Dog and Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker set by Cilio?

cat and dog salt and pepper shaker set by cilio




jonathan adler mod cat black and white salt and pepper shaker set This contemporary Jonathan Adler Mod Black & White Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set could double as mini sculptures.





Rumor has it, this https://mousebreath.com/dating-with-cold-sores/  could be Chey and Mao.
It’s certainly not Chey and Ichiro!

disability dating




Check out the purrsonality on the faces of these two stripey cats – the dating in egypt .


 This pair of dating sites for 50 and overCuddling Kittens by Ganz are designed in lovely lines and soft hues:cat salt and pepper shakers



colorful cat salt and pepper shaker set

Another colorful Romero Britto Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers Set that’s hard to resist!





lion and tiger salt and pepper shaker setThis Romero Britto Salt & Pepper Shaker set features a lion and tiger.




folk art cat salt and pepper shaker set

This pair – with whispers of Picasso – is from the Muzeum Cat collection.



11 cat and goldfish bowl salt and pepper set WARNING! This Magnetic Cat and Fishbowl set might make your cat hungry!




Got mid-century modern decor? Add this pair of 50s vintage house panthers to your table.




hand thrown ceramic cat salt and pepper shaker set

These fat boys are hand-crafted ceramic shakers, certain to make you smile when you pour on the sodium and heat.

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