2 Max Monday

An orange tabby named Max the Cat is the subject of a malevolent move to ban him from a library in St Paul, MN.

As we all well know, cats are a superior species, always seeking ways to improve themselves (even though they’re purrfect as they are), and Max the Cat is no exception. He recognized Macalester College as an institution of higher learning and headed straight for the library. He had a purrfect attendance record and never forgot to bring along his milk money for lunch in the cafeteria.

(Hmmmm…. he has the same last name as Skeezix the Cat. Maybe he’s related and looking for a place to practice for the Nashunul Spellin’ Bee!)

But he’s been purrmanently banned from the library which incurred the wrath of the cat-loving interwebs. Someone thought maybe the problem was that he didn’t have a library card, so they made him one:

He inspired art!


A Free Max campaign was launched and spread faster than ringworm.

So for now, Max is grounded and can only dream of the day the ban will be lifted and he’s allowed to stay.

I don’t know about you, but if my college library had had a “Max,” I would’ve spent more time there. Rather than fall asleep reading Schopenhauer and Nietzsche and memorizing Shakespeare, a snuggly purrball would urge me to stay rather going to Lord John’s (may it rest in peace) or The Hut (Divey as ever. Bring Purell.) To this day, I’m convinced that all of the memorized Shakespeare plays in my brain are squeezing out the space designated for remembering where I left the car keys. Note to self: ask the neurosurgeon about that.)

Wanna protest?

Use hashtag #freemax on twitter. (Warning: NOT on Facebook or Instagram. It’s a whole nuther thing there.)

Or, here’s the address and phone number:

Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN
55105 USA

The Library Director is Terri Fishel
Her phone is  651-696-6343

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