Your Playful Cat Could Win $1500 or Wobbert! #ad

Friskies new Pull ‘n Play wobbly Wobbert is an all-in-one toy and treat that plays to your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, catch, kill, and eat.

It also appeals to your cat’s natural attraction to snakes, worms, string and every rope-y toy he’s ever ripped to shreds.

Although you can treat your cat with or without the wobble toy (“Wobbert”), the wobble toy is a hoot and can reward your cat with the Tender Strings pull ‘n’ play treat as well as traditional crunchy treats like Friskies Party Mix™.

The Party Mix treats are dispensed at the bottom when the wobble toy is tipped just so. The Tender Strings are threaded through Wobbert’s “ears.”


Cats LOVE Wobbert!

We only had a half day to play with it before publishing this post, but Tripper, Buckaroo and Banzai went after it with gusto. I’m not sure they’ve yet figured out the cause-and-effect of tipping the toy to release the treats within, but they sure gobble them up as they spill out… after they devour the Tender Strings.

banzai eats friskies pull n play wobbert tender strings

I was happy to see an innovative treat-dispensing system unlike any other. My cats thrive on variety just as most other cats do. I could almost hear the gears spinning as they tried to out what those little strings were and how to devour them. Once (unfortunately, not caught on camera), Buckaroo took the rope in his mouth and dragged Wobblebert under the kitchen table. I asked him why, and he said, “Screw this! I’m not sharing!”

When you are away from home, you can set up Wobbert for your cats to play with while you’re gone. Bad cat behaviors like inappropriate scratching can usually be attributed to boredom and lack of stimulation. Interactive toys like the Pull ‘N Play can provide engagement (and treats!) in your absence.


Tender Strings in Three Pawpular Flavors


Tender Strings come in chicken & cheese, salmon & shrimp and tuna & crab combo flavors and are available at major retail outlets. The strings come attached in a twisted treat rope that you pull apart, kinda like string cheese. The packets are resealable so that your Tender Strings stay tender. It’s a great treat for cats with dental issues who can’t eat crunchy treats. They will be in major retail outfits and you can order now on Amazon. A Wobbert starter pack is about $12

Join the Pull ‘n Play Fun and Help Shelter Cats!

Share your playful cat photos on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MostPlayfulCat. For every #MostPlayfulCat tag that is used between June 25 and July 2, Friskies will donate one Pull ‘n Play Package (up to 2,500) to shelter cats. If the goal is met, Friskies will then donate an additional 2,500 Pull ‘n Play string pouches and 5,000 packages of Party Mix.

Play with Steve Weatherford at Friskies Playhouse in NYC to Help Shelter Cats

Hang with pro football punter Steve Weatherford at the “Friskies Playhouse” tomorrow (6/26) from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET. You’ll find the Friskies Playhouse and the Pull ‘n Play fun at  Gansevoort Plaza (Gansevoort and 9th Avenue) in NYC.

Win $1500 or a Wobbert Pull ‘n Play Toy!

If you’ve got a playful cat, you now have a chance to win $1500 or a Wobbert in the Friskies Pull ‘N Play America’s #MostPlayfulCat Sweepstakes! One grand prize winner gets the money and 50 lucky cats will win a Wobbert.

Are YOU America’s Most Playful Cat? Enter now and find out!

 THE FINE PRINT: This post was sponsored by Nestle Purina Pet Care. They provided Wobbert, Friskies Tender Strings and Friskies Party Mix free of charge for this review. Mousebreath respects its readers and will never endorse or recommend any product that Tripper, Buckaroo and Banzai don’t absolutely adore. 



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