25 Days to Go!

Only 24 more sleeps until it’s time to rip open all of your Christmas pressies!

But before you do, how about ordering some custom ornaments for that tree you’re planning on toppling?

These ornaments crafted by the Kitty Cat Art Studio are made of polymer clay and customized to portray you or your fellow cats. You can add a cat’s name, dates and any brief quote. Send in a reference photo with $67.45 and it’s all yours!

Cat Christmas Ornament
Cat Ornament

They also offer the more traditional Christmas sphere ornaments:

Custom Christmas Cat Ornament

In addition to ornaments, you can buy a custom tree topper (full size! 12 inches high!) featuring two cats …

Cat tree topper

I don’t know if I can live without a Homer and Reno tree topper!

Generic cat ornaments are also offered for a lower price.

Cats Love ‘Em!!

Check out the Kitty Cat Art Studio on Etsy!

4 thoughts on “25 Days to Go!

  1. Beautiful stuff! We don’t put up a tree, i would spend too much time trying to haul it upright with 7 cats fighting for position in it.

  2. Oh my, they are all gorgeous. If it wasn’t for the fact we don’t have a tree or decorations I am sure Mrs H would have some made. Yours look delightful, and not at all out of place on your tree. In fact they are positively perfect.

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