$25,000 in Prizes at The Friskies Cat Video Awards

the friskies cat video awards offer $25000 in prizes

Got a cat video you think is a winner? “The Friskies” are back for their second annual awards, giving you the opportunity to win $5,000 and a custom-made gold plated Friskies Catuette. (I’ve held one of these and they are HEAVY!) the friskies catuette

Not seduced by the cash prize and trophy? Get this: the winner scores a trip to New York City for the live awards show this Fall!

The Friskies debuted last year as the major award show for the best new Internet cat videos of the year. Brought to you by Friskies® cat food, “The Friskies” returns for a second year to celebrate cat videos as a pop culture phenomenon and of course, the cats who inspire them. Renowned comedian and cat guy Michael Ian Black will host the Awards Show in October in New York City where he’ll award $25,000 in cash prizes to winners in four categories and the popular Fan Favorite. The category winners will be determined by public vote, and Fan Favorite will be chosen from the 12 finalists by public text vote on the day of the Award Show.

The show will be broadcast live on TheFriskies.com. Friskies also will award more than 250,000 cans of Friskies cat food to 20 cat charity organizations nationwide as part of the program. So I know you’re eager to submit your soon-to-be-award-winning video: go to TheFriskies.com for all the detes on how to enter.


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