Desperately Seeking Good Mojo

I was shocked beyond words today to learn that da grate Ted Rheingold, founder of Catster, is seriously ill. He is facing what will seem like an insurmountable struggle — not just for him, but for his wife and family. He’s a great guy, brilliant, funny, charismatic, and more than a little wacky. My heart goes out to him.

Skeezix the Cat idolized da grate Ted Rheingold (dubbed thusly by da grate Jeter Harris), even dressing up like him. For a time, TR had the photo on the left as his Twitter avatar.

Skeezix was hired to create the first content blog on Catster, and he strove to make Ted Rheingold proud of him. DGTR always made time to visit with Skeezix when Skeeze visited Catster HQ, and Skeezix was always eager for any opportunity to get his photo taken with “Mr Big.”

When it came time for his annual purrformance review, Skeezix’s innards were tied in knots. He almost got the squirts. He needn’t have worried. He got a better review than I ever got in my professional career. Here it is:

Most of us would never had met had TR not conceived of Catster. Think for a minute of the friendships we’d have missed out on. We have Ted Rheingold to thank for that.

And so, I ask that you send all the good mojo you can muster TR’s way. He needs a miracle, and certainly, if anyone deserves one, it’s him.

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