So What Gift Do You Buy for a Cat-Loving Pope?

Steuben Curious Cat given to Pope Benedict

What do you give to the Pontiff who has everything?

That was a question pondered recently by the Today Show’s Matt Lauer and Al Roker, who visited Pope Bendict XVI this week in Rome. Knowing the Pope is a renowned cat lover, they settled upon a lovely crystal Steuben figure titled Curious Cat. You can own the same figure for about $700.

Lauer explains how they chose the gift:

“We had heard that this Pope has a real love for cats so what was in that box was a beautiful crystal cat that, who knows, could be on the table of papal gifts right now. I’m not sure where that goes but he seemed to accept it and like it and, anyway, we just wanted to offer him some gift to show our appreciation for the time and generosity he showed us.”

Here’s the video:

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What do you think? Good choice?

2 thoughts on “So What Gift Do You Buy for a Cat-Loving Pope?

  1. So the Pope is a cat lover? Who knew? I wonder if he’s able to keep one in the Vatican. In an ironic twist, it would be good PR given that that Catholic church was responsible for the cat holocaust during the Burning Times (16th and 17th centuries)when hundreds of thousands of wise women aka witches and their cats were killed. It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of cats died at this time. With the loss of so many cats the rodent population escalated and the Bubonic Plague gripped Europe in the Black Death.

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