Is Larry the Cat on Borrowed Time?

Need another reason to hate Boris Johnson? Here’s the nail in the coffin: He could be giving Larry the boot when he moves into 10 Downing Street. He wants a dog. What was Larry’s response? On his unofficial Twitter account, the tabby tweeted “HELL NO.”

Larry, of course, is the cat who runs the U.K., and has resided there for eight years.

“Protect Larry the Cat. He is the last bastion of sanity in government,” tweeted a Larry fan. “The dog is clearly an attempt to undermine his sterling work as the stoic feline backbone of the nation.”

Although Johnson may not formally evict Larry, Team Larry suspects that he may use the dog to make the home so inhospitable to Larry that the cat will vacate the premises of his own accord.

2 thoughts on “Is Larry the Cat on Borrowed Time?

  1. Of all the no-good-for-nothin’…


    That’s the…

    Well that’s that, then. That ol’ BJ guy MUST be a rat ’cause let me tell you somethin’, my friends, ONLY a rat would be afraid of Larry the Cat.


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