Get ’em While They Last! 3 Cute Cat Pins

cute cat pins from Triple T Studios

If you’re a couture-obsessed Crazy Cat Lady, you recognize the importance of catifying your wardrobe (and I don’t mean by wearing black clothing that’s been all furred up by Fluffy).

I guarantee that if you wear one (or all) of these adorable cat pins on your lapel, purrfect strangers will approach you and cry out, “Where did you get those cute cat pins?”

These acrylic pins feature a brown tabby, a grey and white tabby, and a ginger, all dressed to the nines (and what the heck does “dressed to the nines” mean, anyway?)

Each pin features a simple pin-with-hook closure. They measure  2″ high and 1″ wide. Wear one at a time, or create your own lapel clowder.

They’ve been so pawpular, they’re nearly sold out, or don’t ruminate on whether or not you should get one–just do it! Buy ’em at Triple T Studios for $5.99 apiece.


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