Current Mousebreath Giveaways

Mousebreath is currently running or promoting a couple of fabulous contests and giveaways:


Win a year’s supply of Iams senior cat food (kibble):

Win up to 5 bags of hairball relief cat food (kibble) — 3 winners:

8 thoughts on “Current Mousebreath Giveaways

  1. I’d like to win the book … I’ve watched “My Cat From Hell” and find it so interesting. I do not have a cat from hell, although sometimes she does hellish things, like scratch the furniture or my bed, but I love her so much. So pick me and Juliette. She’s a rescue cat off the streets of West Monroe, La., and her rescuer gave her to me after Juliette gave birth, then was spayed.

  2. Sorry my computer crashed the other day 🙁 So as i was saying not only do i have my 9 cats shedding with the hair flying all over,but i also have 9 that do have hairballs on occasion!
    Okay maybe more than occasionally,i do brush them but you know whats it like…So yes i would love to win this! P.S. So would my cats!:)

  3. It would mean so much to win this! I currently have 7 cats (all indoor) and it is a lot of money to buy food, litter, toys, ect for all of them. I just found out one of our cats has feline leukemia, so its even harder to pay for everything since we have to pay for treatment, daily checkups, vitamins, ect. Anyways it would mean so much if I won this!

  4. My 2 rescue cats have not won anything on any site i think its about time they did. They r such good kitties it would make there day

  5. Well, I’d keep the furminator and hair craft thingys for myself. I’d give the OF food to Jacob, and the hairball food to Joey.

  6. I’d like to win this kit because I have 4 cats and enough cat hair that floats around like tumbleweeds. I can’t crochet or knit, but felting would be interesting, and I’d like to try it. My orange tabby has medium length hair and he is always shedding. Brushing does no good. I think this kit would keep me very busy.

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