33-lb Orange Tabby, Sponge Bob, has gone to The Bridge

Sponge Bob, a 33-lb cat from Animal Haven, has died

Sponge Bob, a 33-lb orange tabby surrendered to Animal Haven three months ago, has died.

Sponge Bob described himself as exceptionally sweet and a cat who loved kids. In addition to eating and sleeping, his favorite activities were being brushed, sun bathing and people-watching.

On June 7th, Sponge Bob was adopted by Matt and Courtney Farrell who gave him a loving home. Kendra Mara, associate director of Animal Haven, said everyone at the shelter is heartbroken over his passing, but happy that he was able to spend the last few months with such a loving family. She described the Farrells as being “the best family we could have imagined for him.”

According to the Farrell’s tumblr dedicated Sponge Bob, they took the cat to the vet last week after noticing he was having trouble breathing. X-rays revealed a large mass around his heart.  Sponge Bob’s obesity initially obscured the mass.

Although the vet could remove the growth via surgery, it was unlikely that Sponge Bob could have survived the anesthesia needed. His owners made the decision to let him go to The Bridge.

“I only wish he could have spent more time with them,” Mara said.

Those who knew him say that they were incredibly blessed to have known him.

The Farrells posted a YouTube tribute video they created to honor Sponge Bob’s memory:

[PHOTO CREDIT: Animal Haven Shelter, NY NY]

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