5 Fun Fab Feline Handbags

Who can resist buying just one more handbag? Not me. I’ve got a gazillion totes, but then I see a cute cat purse and talk myself into buying just one more. Here are five I’m having a hard time saying no to:



This grey felted purse features a house panther, and goes as well with jeans as it does a little black dress. $33. MORE INFOfelted grey cat purse


If you’re one of those impossibly well-organized women who only carries around a wallet and a tube of lipstick, this might be the bag for you. It’s a small chocolate brown messenger bag-style tote with a leather cat applique. $35 MORE INFO


cat messenger bag




We can’t say enough good things about this Spring Kitten tote. It lays flat for easy storage but the  snap feature on both sides allows you to turn your tote into a full-service bag that can hold everything but the kitchen sink. The nylon surface resists stains and is easy to clean, and the kitten applique is made of vegan-friendly poly synthetic leather. It comes in five color combos, and at a sale price of $24, it’s a steal! MORE INFOtriple-t-handbag



LOVE this abstract cat design in bright, saturated colors! It’s got two interior pockets, purrfect for storing a bag o’ nip or Party Mix! $60. MORE INFO






cat lady purse



This whimsical design features a zipper-mouthed tapestry cat. Wish Banzai had a zipper mouth we could zip up! $43. MORE INFO



whimsical cat handbag


Prices in effect at time of publication, but can change without notice. 



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