50 Mousebreath Readers Will Win “End Cat Boredom” Kits

end cat boredom giveaway

What cat isn’t bored most of the time? Or even all of the time? Lame guardians go off to work all day long and when they come home all they can manage is to dish out some stinky goodness before it’s off to an evening in the Barcolounger watching reality TV. Am I right, or am I right?

Help is on the way. Friskies has begun a campaign to end cat boredom once and for all. And they’re doing it with a Beach Party. Or a Picnic. Or other new Friskies Party Mix flavors.

Watch this video to learn about the Cat Boredom epidemic:

If you haven’t tried Friskies Party Mix , kittehs, you’re in for a treat. It’s like Chex Mix, but for cats. And a lot more delicious because it has meaty flavors in it. Mmmmmm-meaty!

You can try it yourself and end cat boredom at the same time by leaving a comment on this post. The first 50 commenters will get an End Cat Boredom kit from Friskies that includes a puzzle food toy and a pack of Party Mix. Are you ready to eradicate cat boredom in your lifetime?

NOTE: This giveaway ends on Friday, June 29 at 11:59 pm PDT.

IMPORTANT! Even if you are not one of the first 50, please go ahead and leave a comment. There are always a few giveaway winners that we can’t contact (and some of the comments are responses from Mousebreath). There are bound to be a few “alternates” that are chosen. And, Mousebreath will draw one name from anyone who leaves a comment beyond the first 50 (via random.org) and send them a special treat pack. We don’t want ANY kittehs to be bored!

win a friskies end cat boredom kit with friskies party mix and a puzzle food toy

70 thoughts on “50 Mousebreath Readers Will Win “End Cat Boredom” Kits

  1. My cats love Party Mix! And with eight cats, it’s a party everyday. Thanks!

  2. My cat, Prima, once ate Indoor Adventures and Party Mix to survive a mysterious illness that kept her confined to her kitty cup. She could eat nothing else and I fed it to her by hand where she lay in her soft, pink nest. She gives this product 4 paws up!

  3. Looks like I am a little late on this post, but my kitty would love this! Thanks for being so kind to do a giveaway. 🙂

  4. Well we didn’t make it in time, but it sounds like a really great kit. Thanks for the giveaway and big hugs, purrs and headbonks to our sweet friend, Skeezix 🙂

  5. Dang, I’m late! I love Party Mix – the Cowboy variety is my favorite! Sorry I missed out, but thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I don’t think my kitties have a big boredom problem, but they sure LOVE treats! Please keep us in mind if you have any extra goodies to distribute (Peja’ says PLEASE…) 🙂

  7. Oh noooooooooooo I am late. These are on my favorite list. Dang will have to send the mom to the store for me. Great idea, thanks for hosting ths great give a way.

  8. We love Party Mix. Our dad got us some little treat balls that he puts the party mix in and then we bat them all over the house getting treats out!!!!! We get lots of exrcise with our treats

  9. We love Party Mix. Our dad some little treat balls that he puts the party mix in and then we bat them all over the hiouse getting treats out!!!!!

  10. we love us some party mix and some partyin’. 🙂 (though we have to say that things are rarely boring around here with the foster monsters doing laps through the house)

  11. Did we hear someone say treats? Count us in. We don’t want to miss noms. And we’re bored in this heat / humidity, so we can use something interesting.

  12. we shirley can use sum partee mix heer in de land oh trout; we bee sew board sum times; watchin snailz mewve bee eggs citing

  13. That’s too funny! We just bought a package of the Beach Party treats to try and I told my husband, Wrigley {who doesn’t like treats} LOVED them, that they were like Chex Mix for cats! lol. Just recently our cats started liking treats. Before they really didn’t want anything to do w/them. But they ALL loved the Friskee’s brand. Thanks for such a great give away opportunity!

  14. My 3 kitty babies love this party mix! I toss out pieces and they chase it down and gobble it up. they enjoy the chase and the great and I get to enjoy the interaction.

  15. My boys need some noms for their Friday night catnip parties. (They love to help us play scrabble as much as they like to type on the computer)
    Thanks Friskies!

  16. My kitty is very intelligent & gets bored easily. This sounds like a stimulating package deal for him! He also loves Party Mix.

  17. Jefferson is a new blogger and has just found your blog! How fun is this…a chance to win some party mix! He gets bored waiting for his chance on the computer to blog! A snack might help him over the boredom!

  18. Oh, pleez pick us, this would be the most exciting thing since the little dog stole the big one’s toy and sent them racing around the dining table last week, ho hum, canines…. Thanx -Max, Zeke, Gwynyth, ‘Lani and Sugar

  19. I am Bhu. I am so bored! I am sleeping in da window RIGHT NOW because I am so bored! Please, HELP! xxoo Bhu

  20. Count us in! We have 12 very bored cats that are stuck indoors, away from their favorite enclosure because it’s to hot to go outside. They LOVE the Friskies “soft on inside, hard on outside” treats (it’s like M&Ms for cats), so I am sure they will love the party mix as well!

  21. Oliver and Calvin sure love reading your posts and would love to win an end cat boredom kit…apparently I am not exciting enough for them 🙂

  22. I love Party Mix! I wish it came in gallon size containers so I could have a big party. Or maybe I would eat it all myself, either way would be great.

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