$50 Off Kitty Clones

No DNA required, just lotsa photos (and room on your credit card). A new company, Cuddle Clones creates life-size* plush copies of your favorite fluffy friend. You send in one (or many) photos from all angles, choose ear shape/position, describe any oddities like pawpad colors, and a clone of your kitteh will be on your doorstep in about 6 weeks.

They have a $50-off special going on right now, bringing the price for cat clones down to under $200.

In addition to the clones, Cuddle Clones offers granite headstones, purrsonalized brass urns, and wood memorials, as well as ornaments and earrings. Check ’em out! It’s never too early to start that Christmas wish list.


*Great Danes and horses are downsized. 


2 thoughts on “$50 Off Kitty Clones

  1. I’ve always thought this would be a cool idea. Even. If they had smaller versions like beanie baby sized. Great way to remember your pets.

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