7 Pet Preparedness Tips to Help You Survive El Niño


El Niño promises a respite from the drought for parched Californians, but with the good comes the bad: flooding and landslides. If you live in a low area that’s prone to flooding, chances are good that you might have to evacuate this winter. Are your pets evac-ready?

TIP 1: Make sure you have Pet Carriers for all animals in the household, that they are in good working order, and that they are readily accessible. Folding cardboard carriers are handy.

TIP 2: Keep a box of Feliway Wipes near the carriers. If things get crazy and you need to evac, pheremones can keep Fluffy calm.

TIP 3: Have all current veterinary medical records available. Even better: store them online, too. If you have to evacuate to a shelter, many do not allow pets that do not have proof of vaccinations.

TIP 4: Keep an emergency GO bag for your cat.  In addition to the med records and Feliway wipes, include treats and some canned food.

TIP 5: If you are evacuating, grab a dirty shirt with your scent and throw it in your pet carrier. Your cat is more likely to enjoy calm sleep if she can smell you.

TIP 6: Chip, bell and tag your cat. If you’re not at home to evacuate your cat and she goes missing, a microchip is the best way to ensure you are reunited. An ID tag provides anyone who finds your cat an instantaneous way to locate the owner. A bell on the collar can help locate a missing cat who is hiding or trapped.

TIP 7: Pet LOC8TOR. Each of our cat’s collars have a transponder for the Pet Loc8tor. This is a device that locates your cat when she’s nearby (I think the max range is 400 ft.). A handheld tricorder-like device beeps when you get close.

Here’s hoping we get just the right amount of rain this winter to resolve the drought without flooding or landslides. But if the worst happens, at least you’ll be ready for it.


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