7-UP Fires Larry Ottoviani for Feeding Cats

7UP fired Larry Ottoviani for feeding feral cats outside their propertyIt must be Fire the Cat Guys Week.

First, Rich Congdon was fired from the Earl May Nursery when he protested the eviction of two resident cats who’d lived on the property for years.

Now, word comes from Sacramento that the 7UP Bottling Company fired Larry Ottoviani (photo, left) for feeding feral cats near company property. Not ON company property, but nearby. The heart-wrenching part of this story is that Larry has a severely disabled son and a disabled wife, and feeding the cats was a welcome respite for him.

Ottoviani told reporter Heather Ireland, “I love cats and don’t like to see them go hungry. When I’m feeding cats I can forget everything else for awhile.”

According to Ireland, a termination notice dated Jan. 4, 2012, stated that Ottoviani violated his “last chance agreement not to feed the cats on company time and/or company property.”

But according to Ottoviani, although he did feed the cats, he did so outside of company time and off company property. In addition, since 2008 he worked with TNR advocates to trap, neuter and return cats to the colony to effectively decrease their numbers.

Ottoviani had worked at 7UP for 7 years. He and his family are now homeless and unable to afford the $400 COBRA insurance premium for medical insurance.

These days it just doesn’t pay to be a cat guy.

Tell 7UP It’s Not OK to Fire Ottoviani

Sign the Petition to reinstate Ottoviani.

Leave a message on 7UP’s Facebook page

Tweet @7UP that it’s not ok to fire animal lovers.


Read the complete story by Heather Ireland at the Sacramento Press.


6 thoughts on “7-UP Fires Larry Ottoviani for Feeding Cats

  1. I signed the petition. However, I don’t believe 7-Up fired Larry solely because of the cats–that was just an excuse!
    Larry’s family has some serious health care needs and company’s often try to get rid of employees who make their health care costs go up. Larry should seek legal advise and sue 7-Up. Meanwhile, I’m doing research on all products affiliated with 7-Up, and my family will no longer buy them. As far as the cats–we should get a group of people together to go over there and feed them daily with protest signs in hand. I’ll go–let me know when. Ann

  2. Larry,Andy &I just wantto thank you all for your moral support it helps just knowing someone cares, thank you all.

  3. Ottoviani was helping the cats on his own time, not while on the clock, near his work but not actually ON the property. He also helped get these cats spayed and neutered so they wouldn’t keep reproducing. I think firing him is a form of bullying. He hung out with cats, not co-workers, so he was “weird.” So let’s shit can the cat loving guy with the retarded son. That’s how this seems and it is sick. Poor guy! If I owned a big Fortune 500 company, I’d gave him a terrific position, great pay and excellent benefits for him and his family. I hope more good hearted people become aware of what happened to this poor man and reach out and help him! I bet if he was giving spare change to drug addicted humans he’d still have a job. People suck.

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