Alaska Air Offers Pet Travel Perqs & Better Security

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This week, Alaska Airlines announced its partnership with Banfield Pet Hospitals to offer perqs to pets traveling either in cabin or via Alaska’s PetStreak Animal Express service. Traveling pets will receive a travel consultation, a free visit to a Banfield hospital, and a $10 discount on a health certificate from Banfield. (The USDA requires that all pets crossing state borders must have a health certificate issued by a licensed vet.)

In addition, Alaska Air’s pet policy is changing to enforce greater security for traveling pets. As of May 1st, all two-piece animal carriers flying on Alaska Air will be required to have nut-and-bolt hardware instead of “twist, slide, snap, or zip-tie fasteners.”

Although the airline did not say so, it’s likely that this policy change was made to avoid another Jack the Cat fiasco for which American Airlines was responsible. Jack escaped from his carrier and got lost at JFK Airport last year, and the airline refused searchers access to “secure” areas of the airport, thwarting their efforts. Jack was eventually found, but succumbed a short time later from his injuries.

Delta and American now also require that pet owners use kennels with nut-and-bolt locks. If you’re planning to travel with your pet anytime soon, it’s a good idea to review your airline’s pet policies before arriving at the airport.

via Alaska Airlines Press Release

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