And My Favorite Christmas Gift Was…..

Asking me what my favorite Christmas gift this year is kinda like asking me which of my cats is my favorite. ANSWER: whichever one is on my lap at the moment. And right at this moment, my favorite Christmas gift is this cat scarf. THE. SOFTEST. SCARF. EVAH!!!!

I know whereof I speak. I have an impressive collection of scarves, including a couple of woven cashmere and silk Hermès scarves purchased during my high-flying Wall Street days that I could never afford to buy today on my cat blogger’s earnings.

The Hermès scarves are, as you would expect, as soft as a babies butt. But they cannot hold a candle to my Triple T Studios Christmas present scarf. It is like being wrapped inside a warm cloud. I received the champagne pink one, a gorgeous color that makes me feel like Spring is just around the corner. (And it is! The neighborhood daffodils should be poking their heads above ground in about two weeks.)

Did I mention how soft it is?

Softness aside, it also has a row of embroidered cats at the ends. The cats are oh-so-subtle, and I really like that. It doesn’t scream to the world that you’re a CCL, so you can wear it to church and not get the stink-eye from the old church ladies like that time you wore these.

So….it’s exquisite, soft, warm, PURRfect! And, it’s wide enough to double as a shawl. If you’re not a scarf purrson, there are a gazillion other cat products for sale at Triple T, originals you won’t find anywhere else.

A portion of the sales are donated by Triple T Studios to support wildlife conservation programs. Get 20% off your purchase with coupon code mousebreath20.


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