Ask ax Monday: A Little More Than Thinking Outside The Box…

Ask Max Monday

DOOOOD!!! Whuts with the hots???? I’m dyin’ here!!!!

I KNOW, RIGHT??? It happens every freaking year! On the plus side, my people bought a brand new air conditioner last year so it can be super hot outside and I don’t care.

On a different tack, or should I say paw path, Mrs H is checking out the dance scene and wants to learn some kick ass moves when she heads for Club 50-70 next week. What are the best dances, for humans, and us cats, and is there one we can do together, or is that just way too risky!?
Toodle pips
Erin the Cat

Hm. I would worry about my tail getting stomped on if I danced with a person. I’m pretty sure if my people started dancing, I’d just go hide until the insanity passed. Though I suppose if you really want to dance, the Hokey Pokey is safe enough. Just…after you put your right foot in and then your right foot out, once you’re done shaking it all, put that chit away.

Oh wise Max, 

My name is Riley and I am 18 years old, going on 19 on August 1st. I have gone #2 outside the litter box 2 in the past month, my human mom is worried that it might mean that I have given up. I haven’t mastered the English language yet, so you have any advice? 

Thank you,

Riley Cat

Going outside the box twice in a month might be a sign to keep an eye on things, especially at your age, but I wouldn’t be too alarmed yet. I’ve gone outside the box a couple times lately, too, but one time was because the box was not as clean as I like (I am super picky) and one time was because Buddah was in the box and jumped out as I approached and literally scared it out of me.

It happens. We’re old, so it might happen every now and then.

Tell your mom to keep an eye on things: like, the quality of your poop and whether it’s loose or normal or too dry looking, if it’s lighter in color that usual or darker, or if it smells worse than normal. If you’re pooping and it looks like normal poop, chances are it’s happened just because you’re an old dood and poop happens.

If there’s anything off about the poop she’s finding, going to the vet is a good idea, just for a checkup. But really, if you’re eating and drinking, and your poop looks normal, I’d chalk it up to being old.

And really…I’ve peed outside the box a few times lately, too, but that really is Buddah scaring it out of me. Well, that and I like peeing in the bathtub. Just because I can.


Ugh, I feel your pain. I’ve done the M-word so much that it sucks. This summer, we’re kinda doing it without doing it…the people are rearranging the whole house, which is like moving without having to go outside. And Buddah is POSITIVE that we’ve moved, like, 3 times in the last week.

Mostly, I stare at the people when they sit down and take a break. So that’s my summer. Staring.

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5 thoughts on “Ask ax Monday: A Little More Than Thinking Outside The Box…

  1. Dearest, handsome Max,

    HELP! I heard my mommie on the phone making an appointment next Tuesday with the stabby place to have my teeth cleaned. I am 17 years old. There is nothing wrong with my teeth! They are long and sharp as ever. What exactly do they do when they clean teeth? I am going to hide so she can’t find me. I am hiding cause I do not want to be stabbed. Every time I have to go there they steal my blood! What could they want with my blood?. This whole thing is totally creeping me out!

    I am really scared.
    Lady Charlotte

  2. Thanks for the tip on the dance floor, Max. I sent Mrs H to a singles night which means I guess, there will be nobody there to trip over or otherwise have their tail stomped on. MOL

    Heres this weeks question. I’m soon to be branching out into the publishing world, and being the smart kitty that I am, and thinking ahead to the movie rights, and also who would play me in the film adaptation, as I’ll be too busy to do it myself. If it was an older me, then Ms S Weaver is a shoe in, but I’m not sure about a younger actress. Who would be your choices for to play you when you hit the big screen?

    Purrs ERin

  3. Hey Mr Max, it’s me Sterling. I am more than one year old now so why do the hoomins still call me Sterling BabyCat? Why does Ant Nora never make me in charge when she goes out? It’s always my woofy sisfur or Cousin Murphy or the Mama Fluff lady cat. And why is there two other cats who live outsides with the horses??

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