Ask Max Monday: It’s Been a 20 Day Week

Doods, it really feels like this week has been 20 days long. We’ve been slammed over here at Casa de Psychokitty, trying to meet a work deadline, and then trying to fix a major manuscript oops. So this week I bring you this:


It’s a burrito the Man tried to suck down this week. He failed. But it looks good, with all the cheese on top and there’s lots of meat inside. I know that because he brought what he didn’t eat home, and heated it up later AND DID NOT SHARE.

If that’s not good enough, look at this:


The Woman had to get a new phone, thusly she has a new camera, and she took a few pictures of me. You can count all my ear hairs and my whiskers.

Oh, and because some of you like him, a picture of Buddah, too.


He’s happy to see you, too.

Next week…cripes, I hope next week is not as busy. So ask questions, and I’ll answer them!

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4 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: It’s Been a 20 Day Week

  1. Max, those whiskers of yours are amazing! And now everypawdy can see them in such detail & admire them as they should be admired! Hi Buddah! You are looking charming on your cat tree!

  2. Dood, the mom says that’s some epic ear hair. But we heard that guys only get ear hair when they get old. Is you old? We don’t think so, so we think that it’s a lie.

    Also, the mom says that burrito looks like it could explode at any minute.

    Also, Miles farted in the mom’s gave while whe was sleeping and it woke her up. She said they was “just wrong” but we thought it was pawsome. Who’s right?

  3. You are a handsome guy, Max. My hooman mom likes Buddah too, she likes those black hellkitties.

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