Ask Max Monday: Buddah Here

Ask Max Monday

Hi. Buddah here. Max didn’t get any questions for this week and he’s sulking in the other room, or maybe he’s working, I’m not really sure since it looks the same no matter what he’s doing, and he might be working because the Mom is taking notes and she usually does that when they work, so I figured why not take over for Max and post a picture of myself since he never does and I really like this one of me even though it’s a few years old.

I like this one tow because it’s all arty and makes me look like a super model, though Max says I can’t ever be one because I’m too furry and no one wants to see a furry model walking down the catwalk, even though it’s a cat walk and I am totally a cat and could do it without even trying too hard.

I know Max likes this picture because it was taken the day the Mom and the Dad bought a brand new table and I wasn’t supposed to get on it, but what good is a table you’re not even allowed to use? He thought it was funny because I jumped up there and plopped down on the red thingie because that meant I wasn’t ON the table,  I was ON the red thingie, and that means I wasn’t breaking the law.

Max says this is my best picture and I don’t know about that but it makes me laugh because butts are always funny, and now he says if he doesn’t get any questions for next week he’s totally going to show you his, too, and his isn’t as pretty.

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10 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Buddah Here

  1. Buddah! DOOOOOD!!! You make use howse panthers prowd!!! Even win yoo shode off yer dignity! Why is it that with black cats the poophole isn’t black so that it blends in with yer furs? Sumtimes I git a little self conshus about it. But yoo seem to have gottin over the self conshus part.

  2. Seriously, we have no problem with looking at cat asterisks, since they get shoved in our faces often enough! Show us your butt, Max…c’mon, I dare ya!

  3. Oh Max,
    Please teach Buddah to use fullstops.
    He’s holding his breath too long

  4. I haz kwestyun. Mom is leeving town to go see cats that iz not us. Why kant she jus stay here and be my lap? The gramma will still be here and she’s got a gud lap but she duzzint no to use both hands when giving the pets and skritches. And thare will be strangers. Strangers here to help the gramma and that meens I’m gunna have to hide behind stuff. If I pee in the sootcase will that keep Mom from leeving?

    sinseerly, scared Meez and a Biteycat

  5. Buddah good to see you AND your dignity. My question is why is it as soon as the credit card is paid off a cat has to get sick and cost lots of money at the V-E-T ?!

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