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Ask Max Monday

If you read my blog or Facebook page, you already know this, but it’s why there was no Ask Max last week and why there really isn’t this week. It’s been a hard week at Casa Max, and we feel totally blindsided by this. I’m okay, let’s get that out of the way first. But Buddah is not.

Weekend before this last one, he spent his days barfing and sleeping, and not much else. He didn’t want to eat, not even treats, which raised all kinds of alarms for the people. The Man got home from passing gas early Monday morning and he called the stabby guy, and even though they’ve been booked weeks out lately, because of the barfing and the fact that Buddah hadn’t pooped in a few days, they wanted to see him that day.

Long story short, after x-rays and an ultrasound and a needle biopsy–where he couldn’t get enough cells for a clear sample for the pathologist even after three tries–what they did know was that Buddah’s small bowel is partially obstructed, and the likely reason is lymphoma. If it’s not that, it’s cancer of some type, but with his symptoms and the Woman’s gut feeling, they’re treating him for lymphoma.

There’s no coming back from this. There’s management, but no cure. And the big problem is that even with the medications for nausea and inflammation of his bowel, he’s still not eating much and has lost a lot of weight, even in this week. He’s wobbly on his feet sometimes and despite my promise to him, the Woman took most of his treasured UP away. He got on top of a bookcase the other day and couldn’t get back down.

I promised him, guys. That they would always find a way to give him UP if it was safe…but it’s not safe, and even he realizes it.

He needs to eat. He needs to poop. He won’t feel better until those things happen.

This is not the order of things; it’s not suppose to happen this way. I know he’s 15.5 and an old man, too, but he’s the baby brother. The little guy.  He’s supposed to be here to take care of the people after I’m gone, not the other way around. So he needs Mojo, and lots of it. I know this will take him to the Bridge sooner rather than later, but this is so sudden and we’re all broken by it–yeah, even me–and we just want him to be happy and comfortable for a little while.

I’m sorry for the downer…it’s not what I wanted. I wanted to tell everyone he had a bad last weekend but this one was better because of the meds, but other than not throwing up, it hasn’t been good. He’s only nibbling on food and only had one tiny poop this week. So please keep hoping that the meds work and he wants to eat, and his guts work well enough that he has a comfortable time for a little while.

This year just blows all the way around.

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18 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Buddah Mojo

  1. I. was not able to get into my own email due to reasons. But when I read your blog Max, my heart simply broke for you and your humans. Buddha’s crossing the Bridge was out of the ordinary order but so is life many times! I want to say how I grieve for you & your people.You were a great big brother and helped Buddha a lot! My love and sympathy goes to all of you! I will have you on my heart and my mind.

  2. Max, We’re so sorry to hear about Buddah, but happy to hear he is feeling a bit better. Take good care of him.
    Best Wishes,
    Lee, Nancy, Annabel, Wilbur, Charlie, and Ivy

  3. Max…doubled down on purring and crossed paws for you. I know how your Meowmy feels. And love too you.

    Katie Isabella at Blogspot

  4. A little bit of an update: after uploading this last night, Buddah decided he wanted to eat a little bit. He heard the opening of a can in the kitchen and went in to see if it was for him, and he happily ate a few bites (which resulted in my snack being delivered to the bedroom late, but I was not annoyed.) Later on, he ate a bit more.

    Today he has taken in about 2 ounces of wet food, maybe a tiny bit more. And he pooped. Not a lot, but the Woman was witness to the litter box bombing and declared it “Small but good enough,” and she’s happy because it’s proof that food is working its way past the obstructed part of his small bowel.

    He looks better today, not as wobbly and fatigued. Now, we understand, this doesn’t change the diagnosis. There is no coming back from this. But if he’s comfortable and happier than he was this week, if he eats and snuggles, and we get a few more weeks of him being just like he is today, we’ll call it a victory.

    I know what’s coming, but dudes, just a bit more time would be good. As long as he’s comfortable, just a little more time with him will be a gift.

  5. Oh Buddah, We just got your book and the Big Guy is reading it to us,
    All eight of us here at Skittles and Friends are holding Paws in a giant PawCircle and sending you lots of healing Purrrrrssss of Peace and Comfort.
    *Wipes tear from Fur*

    Skittles and Friends

  6. We are sending you and Buddah all the purrayers and Power of the Paw we can muster, Max, and will keep it up for your humans too. Take care of each other.

  7. Max we are keeping Buddah in our purrayers morning and evening. we know how hard this is, I, lost my older sister, Raven, to Lymphoma in April and I am still looking for her. She was eighteen and was not sick for very long, we didn’t have time to get used to the fact that she was leaving us. I guess that was good, because she didn’t suffer a lingering illness, but the shock and emptiness is so painful. I am sixteen so I am an old dude too, and I’m on insulin for my diabetes, but I feel great and dad says he hopes that I have mor good years, but life is what it is and we have to celebrate the times that we share!
    Prayers for you and your humans,
    Your friend always,
    Pete and my dad, Mike

  8. Oh Max, Buddha and Family,

    We are so sorry Buddha (and all of you ) are going through this. Sending the little guy lots of mojo, purrs and prayers. Times like this are so hard, and yeah, this year just blows big time. Lots of love to you all – Dot, Mack, Teddy and Marg

  9. Max, Buddha, and family, Me and my boys, Oliver and Calvin, are sending best thoughts and lots of mojo to Buddah. Calvin got very sick very fast in August and he’s younger than Oliver, and so it was quite a surprise. We love Ask Max Monday and we’re just going to send all of our very best wishes and positive thoughts to all of you ❤️

  10. O Max! We’ve been through the same problems!! We lost our older brothers & now one of us (MacKenzie) is struggling a bit! He’s the oldest, we are all rescued kitties and we all just want to keep enjoying our home!! I’m the baby & busy annoying the boys but I’m scared!! Hoping for the best for you & for us!!!

  11. So sorry to hear Buddah is still not better. We will continue with prayers for you all

  12. Dude, Big Max, if we could send you any of ours, anything that would help, we would. First class supersonic it would come for you or Buddah.
    Instead, as this seems way beyond what even Nasa could help with, or Mrs H, we send you and Buddah every last purr and healing prayer we can muster, plus the special reserve sherry purrs too.
    Gentle healing purrs and prayers to you all this week, and going forwards.
    ERin & Mrs H

  13. Buddah! So sorry to hear this- I lost my sisfur to lymphoma very suddenly too. Lots of mojo and purrs from a fellow black kitty.

  14. We are purring extra hard for Buddah, Max…but still have some purrs aimed at you too!
    We’ve been where you are, and I pray Buddah craps out a big old turd!

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