Ask Max Monday: Buddah Takes Over

Ask Max Monday

Hi! It’s me, Buddah, Max’s little brother even though he says I’m not really his brother, I’m just a pain in his asterisk.

He’s kinda busy tonight, putting the final touches on his next book before it goes to the thingy that turns it from a manuscript into a real book, which doesn’t take very long unless things don’t look right, and that happens a lot because what he wants and what he gets are sometimes different and he doesn’t let it get published until it looks like what he wants, so I’m surprised he ever gets a book done because he’s never happy.

He and I are working on a different book together but we had to take a break so he could finish this one since it was so close to done when we really got going on ours, but I think ours will be worth the wait because we have an actual conversation and who knew THAT would ever happen, but it did and it’s still happening and he says neither of us is allowed to get sick or croak before it’s done because that would be rude since 7 people are looking forward to it.

Do I look surprised? I think I was surprised because I was here and Max was on the desk and the Mom was typing for us and we didn’t fight or anything, we just talked until we needed a break and then we went into the kitchen where the food lives and he convinced the Mom to use her thumbs to open a can of beefy stinky goodness and after we ate I snoopervised while they did a little work on their own stuff, which can be kind of fun because I get to hear the story and YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT or maybe you will if you’ve read all the Wick books or even just the ones that weren’t kinda dirty and I didn’t read those because of all the bouncy things, but I HEARD it all when they were writing, and holy cow, I didn’t know people could BEND like that, but I guess so, and other people seemed to like those books, but Max says those two were probably the only Wick After Dark books on account of reasons, but I didn’t ask what the reasons were because by then he was working on stuff that happened to Wick when he was a kitten and I wanted to hear all about that.

Oh! I know what happens next and I can’t really talk about it because that would give things away but I don’t think he’d be mad if he knew you knew Jeff and Fluffy are in it but so is Hyrum and he’s my favorite.

Oh Max says I’m boring anyone who hasn’t read his books but I think since there are pictures of us the people who are bored can look at those and be happy because we’re just freaking adorable, and maybe next week he’ll have some questions to answer and since his book will be out of his paws he won’t have an excuse for not being here himself but then again maybe I’ll take over because I like taking over and I never get to play online, like on Facebook even though I have my own page and I never get to blog even though I HAD my own blog and I’m a member of HIS, and he hardly ever blogs, either, so like what’s the point of ME not using it, but nooooo it’s “his” and he has to be in the MOOD and he’s never in the mood.

So if you have a question for him, ask so he has something to do next week, otherwise I might take over again and it I do I might have to tell you allllllll about the stuff I watch on TV and it’s pretty cool but you probably already saw it.

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9 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Buddah Takes Over

  1. This is a rare treat, and I think my first time seeing you, Buddah! I have I think the first book lined up on the kindle device. I am really looking forwards to reading it too, as I understand there are quite a few for me to sink my teeth into. I would of course also like to sink my teeth into a few mice and was wondering if any of the books come with a free mouse as a special offer. If they do I’ll buy the paperback version as I suspect the E Book mouse would be quite unpalatable 😉

  2. Buddah!!!! Dood!!!! Have you ever considered giving up caffeine? Or duz Max charge you for evry period you use when you’re writing?

  3. Hay Buddah! I love to get sum tips frum you on the most annoyingest things we could do to tweek the old cats we live with. I’m running out of ideas.

  4. You two are wonderful, i like reading about you both and hearing how your writing process works.

  5. Hi Buddah. It is nice to meet you. I don’t think you are a pain in the arse at all. You sound like a nice brofur.

  6. Yes, you are both freaking adorable. I love a handsome black mancat, being a black cat myself. And Max is always elegant.

  7. Max/Buddah, I seriously need advice! I have two beautiful kitties, Angie (a senior) and Barney (just over a year old) who have a huge amount of toys. Barney, however, wants to play with poop. We clean the litter boxes daily and yet he’ll find a piece of poop, dig it out and bat it around. Just yesterday, my mom stepped in it and walked all over the house until we discovered the poop on her slipper and we had to clean floors and carpets! How do I discourage Barney from playing with poop? And WHY does he play with poop??

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