Ask Max Monday: EAT ALL THE THINGS…but maybe not all at once.

Ask Max Monday

Hello Max, I’m glad you’re feeling better. The ear stuff is so much easier to deal with than pills, isn’t it? As long as you get the required bribe, that is.

I have a question, oh wise one. My human occasionally gives me tuna and salmon food, and it is SOOO GOOD! I eat almost the entire can, but then I hork it up a few minutes later.

Granted, my human staff are very good about cleaning up the mess and feeling sorry for me, but I would rather keep the wonderful tuna and salmon food in my tummy. Have you any suggestions for keeping the fishy goodness in me and not on the carpet?
Thanks, Max!

Your fan, Hnossa
P. S. I love the new book!

Dood, I’m glad you like the book!

Now…the obvious answer to your tummy issues is to not eat nearly the whole can. Maybe only eat half and then see how it goes. I know how it is when you get a special treat, though; it’s amazing and you want as much of it as you can stuff in. Stomachs only hold so much, though, and when put to the test, they wimp out and let loose all that goodness you want to hold inside.

Buddah barfs *a lot,* like nearly every day…he does better when he doesn’t get certain foods (like Fancy Feast, which is my favorite) but once in a while he doesn’t mind horking onto the carpet if it means he got some of that fancy, fancy goodness. Tuna and salmon just might not agree with you, but if you don’t get it every single day and it’s a treat…might be worth it. But I’d try eating a little less of it and see how that goes. And if it stays down, you have leftovers for later! That’s a win-win right there.

= = =

Max, I saw a thing that said your blog is something psycho…but I thought THIS was your blog. Is there something else?

Ah, yes, there is something else. This is my life coach/advice/musings column in Mousebreath—I don’t own it or anything, I just work here. My blog is The Psychokitty Speaks Out and has been running since October 2003. It’s where I muse about life, liberty, and the unfairness of having to live with Buddah.

I used to write in it a lot, but lately, like most of the cat blogs from the heyday of Cat Blogs, not quite as much. But there are a metric forkton of posts there to wade through, so when you need something to do, it might not be a half bad way to spend some time, if I do say so myself.

= = =


I get steak almost every day. Sometimes the people forget to buy one or take one out of the freezer, and there are days when I get fish instead. But yeah, I get it enough that I can pretty much say it’s daily!

You get this gig by getting old and having people who consider real live fresh dead steak as kind of an investment. One steak lasts nearly an entire week, and it’s something I’ll eat unless I just feel really bad. So as long as I’ll eat it, they’ll probably keep getting it for me.

Oh, and to rub it in…I get ribeye. It used to be a NY strip, but the ribeye cuts easier and they think I like it more, so they started buying it in bulk at Costco.

I feel kinda bad for any cats or dogs who come after me, because I heard them say the next pets aren’t getting any people food. Not sure why, but I think I need to appreciate this while I got it.

= = =

Are you gonna write another book? I hope so.

I hope so, too. I’ve been writing poetry, but some of it is kind of a downer and I want to do something fun and funny, so we’ll see. But I want to!

= = =

If you have questions, leave them in the comments or in email and I’ll get to them next week.

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  1. Two tablespoons of food at a time, and my cats that need extra calories keep it down. More than that, and it comes back up. Measured doses through the day is the key.

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