Ask Max Monday: Forked

Ask Max Monday

Doods. Guess what?

It’s my birthday month! Now, normally I don’t celebrate it a lot, but this year is a milestone year, because I turn 16 and that means I get a driver’s license. And since I’m an income-earning kitty, I figure I can buy myself a car. Originally, I thought I’d get a convertible, but then I realized if I got a box-shaped car, I could get a blue one, and have my very own TARDIS. I could even get stickers that say POLICE BOX for it.

I’m not sure how much the cost, but I’m thinking a loaded one probably costs, like, $100 and I’m not sure I have that much in the bank. It’s probably close, so all I have to do is sell a few more books.

I have a new one out, you knew that, right? It’s the third book in The Wick Chronicles—FORKED. It was wicked awesome fun to write (and that cat on the cover is not Wick. Don’t ask me who, you have to read it to find out) and so far people seem to like it. In this one, Drew is learning how to use the portals, and he knows it’s against the rules to go forward in time, so they tell him to not think about that when he goes through, so…well…oops. And when an oops happens, so do other things. Other maybe DANGEROUS things. And some kissing. Kissing things tend to happen.

Anyway, it’s out, and I need money to buy a new car, so you want it, right? And if you haven’t already read them, the first two are right there on Amazon.

AND ASK ME SOME QUESTIONS! Cause if you don’t, I might have to pimp myself again next week, and no one wants that.

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7 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Forked

  1. Max Dood!!! I had the single best day of mine life the other day, I got bacon for all the meals. How do I ensure the bacon keeps coming?

  2. Hey, Maxcat, buddy. You are the grooviest! If Mama buys your books for me and I reads them, can I get rich like you and buy me furrari like Obi’s??

  3. Hey, Maxcat, buddy. You are the grooviest! If Mama buys your books for me and I reads them, can I get rich like you and buy me furrari like Obi’s??

  4. Max…so it is high kitten season here and we have 11 (yes you read that right) kittens here right now. Anyhow, a few of them got out of their room the other morning and mom used a whole lot of new HBO words as she chased them around. Any ideas how to move the doors to let them out again? We may not like them, but we would like to increase our HBO vocabulary. THANKS

  5. If it’s your birthday month, why not ask your mom if she would chip in for your box car – as your birthday gift? She’d likely not miss the $99.75 if you chip in a quarter.

  6. Max, I didn’t know you were an author! And your books are available via Kindle Unlimited, which means I don’t need mom’s magic card to read them. Woo hoo! I have my #readpawty book to read next, but then your first book is up after that. Maybe we could read your book for #readpawty someday. We love to read anipal authors for #readpawty.

  7. Max, when will your new book be coming out? We are still reading “Forked” cause my glasses need to be changed! We luv you! Jamie’s mom

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