Ask Max Monday: This Is What You Get…

…when I get no questions.

Me, staring into the abyss.

Or it might have been the Woman’s whiskers bothering me, but still.

Yeah, that’s probably it. Like, she’s not supposed to have any? But she’s well on her way to growing the Freshman Starter Goatee. It’s kinda disturbing.

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5 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: This Is What You Get…

  1. Max, thare abowt to move the klox bak agin. Is this the time of yeer win that meens we git owr brekfist erlier or (HORRORS) do we haff to wate an extra howr for them to git thare fat butz outta bed? Why do hyoomans have the power to move time arownd?

  2. My Mom needs some big-time help (don’t get why she’s upset!). We are moving to a new house. I like to spray on the bathroom tile. So she wants to know if there is ANYTHING she can do so I’ll lose this habit. Some kind of deodorizing spray???

  3. Hi Max
    Don’t be sad ! A question for your next column: i am feeling badly because I haven’t been able to have enough play time with my 2 cats lately. Actually, for quite awhile.
    We used to play with Da Bird, ribbons & feathers, even hide & seek ! They are 2 males ages 5 & 3 & get along well.
    My husband has been very ill & is now in a nursing home permanently. It’s been exhausting, you know? I love my 2 guys & talk to them a lot, they watch TV with me & sleep on my bed. But not much playing anymore.
    I know it’s been a confusing time for them too. Do you think they understand? Things are changing for all of us.

    Oh, another thing..the younger cat butts in when i try to play with the older one. He doesn’t get it’s one at a time ! Should i play with them separately in locked rooms? They always act awkwardly if the other is watching….

  4. What?!? No questions for Max?!?
    Okay, then…I’ll ask:
    Max, we have two friendly ferals outside, and I’d like to coax them inside. We’ve built a stairway to the 2nd floor balcony, and both cats use it. But, one cat doesn’t want to come in, and gets mad at the other cat if she does come in! Food (good, stinky stuff!), toys, love, warmth…none of these matter to him. Any suggestions?
    Thank you, oh great knowledgeable one!

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