Ask Max Monday: Goal Met, Hair Gone

Ask Max Monday

Doods…y’all are awesome. Your generosity pushed the Woman’s fundraising for St. Baldrick’s over her goal by $4. This year she raised $1504, which is a lot more than last year, and a good part of it is because of you. That’s a lot of treatment funds, or maybe research money. Either way, there are sick kids who will benefit, and hopefully, in her lifetime, a cure.

She took a selfie before, with her purple hair (that she was whining about losing, even though it’s faded a lot in the last couple of weeks) and then there was a photographer dood taking pictures after (though I think the Man took the after photo here…at the same time the official dood was doing his thing.)

This was her 6th year shaving her head, which means it’s my sixth year of hearing her whine after the fact. She really, really, really hates being bald, and I equally do not enjoy hearing about it, but what’s a guy to do? It’s for the kids. She has a bazillion reasons for doing it, but the biggest one…it’s the kids.

So, I thank you. From the bottom of my little black heart, thank you.

= = =


Dear Max: I’m watching Sammi sleep, and I’m wondering what cats dream about. Do tell.

This might surprise you, but a lot of what we dream about is you. You have the thumbs and feed us, clean our boxes, give us head skritches and pets practically on demand…so we dream about you a lot of the time. Sometimes we dream about running and chasing things like birds and the red dot–when our feet twitch and we drool, you can count on it–and sometimes we dream about sun puddles and warm things.

Bet you thought I was going to say we dream about world domination.

Well…yeah. But you’re totally there, using your thumbs, opening cans for us.

= = =

Max, is it ever gonna stop raining?

I just looked out the window, and apparently…yes.

6 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Goal Met, Hair Gone

  1. Congratulations!

    And since you already have world dominion (have to checked the internet lately!), i suggest basking in the glow.

  2. Hey Max, yer an angel for putting up with yer woman’s whining for six yeers in a row. And yer mom is eleventy kinds of pawsome. Next yeer, why don’t you guys shave Buddah insted?

  3. Hi Max
    Do boy cats ever act like gentlemen or do they always act like kittens on crack?



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