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Max! A STAINLESS STEEL litter box?!? How did we miss this development? What does it look like? And where can we get one (or four)?
(s) Belle, Romulus, Rosalyn and Harrison

Seriously, they make stainless steel litter boxes. And it looks like, surprise, a little box! We got ours at Amazon  but it might not be this exact one—there are lots to choose from.

The Woman likes it because it’s easier to clean and the odors don’t get embedded the way they do in plastic. Once it’s scrubbed out, it’s CLEAN. Claws don’t make scratches that bacteria get stuck in, and litter doesn’t stick to it as much as plastic.

Totally worth the cost, I think. Mostly because it’s going to last longer than plastic, so it doesn’t need to be replaced as often.

= = =

We had a water fountain for the cats many years ago, and it was noisy and very hard to clean. Unfortunately, this is the image that The Hubby gets when I mention getting a new fountain. Perhaps you can suggest a kind, Max?

I have a Drinkwell Platinum and like it a lot. It’s only noisy if you let the reservoir run out, but it holds a lot of water so that doesn’t happen every day. And there’s a filter so if you change that every week the whole thing doesn’t get too dirty—and even when you need to clean it, it’s just a matter of emptying it, wiping it out, and refilling it.

Cats tend to drink more when they have running water…it’s worth a try, even if it takes your kitty a while to get used to it.

= = =

We have a fountain, and it is new, but the cat that wants to drink out of the faucet won’t even look at it. It’s very expensive to leave the faucet dripping all of the time. Any ideas to get Link to switch over from begging for the faucet to be left on and drink from the fountain instead?

Well, you could start by only allowing him water from the faucet a few times a day for a set amount of time. Cats are like furry little alarm clocks and clue into times that things happen pretty quick—if he knows he gets the faucet a X-time of the day, he’ll start bugging you about half an hour to an hour before and not all the freaking time. Maybe. He is a cat, after all.

If he bugs you during non-faucet times, plop his asterisk in front of the fountain and tell him to enjoy. He’ll either drink or show you the Back of Disrespect, or both.

And if push comes to shove, you can try putting the fountain near his favorite faucet. He might give up and start using it.

= = =


The birds. They drive Buddah bat crap crazy and it amuses me to watch him race from window to window, knowing he’s never going to get anywhere near one.

It’s the simple things in life, ya know?

I mean, the fresh air is good and all, but Buddah darting all over the place like he’s some kind of mighty hunter is just freaking funny.

= = =

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2 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: HAPPY WINDOW SEASONS!

  1. Thanks for the tip about stainless steel litter boxes! Our mom has never seen one before, but she definitely wants to get one!

    Thanks Max (and Woman)!

  2. O Wise Max,

    This is Dot and I have suffered an indignity…momma gave me a bath. Like you, I’m an oldster (I turn twenty in a few weeks). Momma said I wasn’t smelling “fresh” even though my many white parts looked clean. Well, duh, I must be cleaning myself…but no…she says that’s an indication of her housekeeping skills (as if!). Have you had to suffer these indignities with age? Also, parts of my furs looks “feathery” instead of smooth. Do you have that too? I want a bit of revenge too but can’t think of anything won’t end up with me at the stabby place (so well placed poo or barf is out!). Thanks Max!

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