Ask Max Monday: It’s Friday; I love you guys

Ask Max Monday

It’s Friday, 13 November 2o2o

This is the Woman.

It might be easier to go read the post over at Max’s blog, but I’m sure you know just by the tone what this is. Max was doing well until he suddenly wasn’t. His pain level seemingly exploded overnight and today he could barely walk, couldn’t make it into the litter box, and even with pain and nausea medication, he couldn’t eat.

We helped him to the Bridge at 4:50 this afternoon.

This has been hard, harder than I thought it would be. He made it to 19-1/2 and he had more good days than bad in the last few months; I thought after Buddah’s death that Max’s would be a bit easier to take given his age and the time we’ve had to say goodbye to him. And we spoiled him as much as we could, gave him all his favorite things, and the last couple of days he spent happily curled up on my lap.

His Ask Max column has been a treasure in my life. From the serious to the laugh-out-loud questions, helping him write it was always a highlight of the week.

One thing I know he would want you to do: go read the post he wrote to Hershey. I know that if he could have spoken, he would have said he had no fear about where he was headed, and it would be good to see Buddah again, and to find Hank the Dog and Dusty, the Cat Who Came Before Him. We made hundreds of friends from his blog, The Psychokitty Speaks Out, and I have a feeling that all his blogging buddies who got there before him not only helped Buddah transition, but are waiting there for him as well.

There are no tears in Heaven. But there are so, so many here right now. I will miss him, I am shattered, but I am so, so grateful for having had him in my life, and grateful for every one of you who made this all so much fun.

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  1. Max, we’re so sorry to hear you’ve crossed the bridge but we know you’re in less pain now. Our human is leaking tears all down her face, thinking of all the memories.

    Have a wonderful time over the Bridge, Max, and make sure you say hello to all the Kitties Who Have Gone Before. We’ll join you, when it’s time, and share so many tales of our people!

  2. I recently discovered the Max Thompson books and have enjoyed them so much. Still have 3 to read. Friday I finished his Memoir book. I read every night before bed. I cried myself to sleep after reading his reply to Hershey. I lost my senior cat 3 months ago, held him as he crossed the bridge and before him, the cat of my heart, a black and white kitty named Rainbow. Rainbow was the most amazing cat I have ever had the pleasure of being owned by. He was so loving and caring and welcoming to any kitty that came to our door. He left me 4 yrs ago and I miss him terribly, tears fall still for him. I know your heart is breaking for Max and even if we know our furboys are out of pain, it doesn’t end ours. The day after I read the Memoir book, I decided to check out his blog, to see if it was still on line. I knew he was an old man cat. That is when I saw your sad news. To know that I read his reply to Hershy about the same time as Max crossed was double heart breaking. We will never stop missing our boys. Sending you big hugs. Hoping that maybe Max will send us words from beyond the bridge.

  3. When I lost my Bindi you sent me Hershey’s No Tears In Heaven. When I read it I wept healing tears. Nothing can completely take away the pain of losing a beloved fur babe but I was so comforted by Your beautifully written words. I will miss your blog and Ask Max Monday. RIP Max and fly high in kitty heaven.

  4. Oh Max, oh my friend. The message only just made it here to the UK just as Mrs H and I were headed to bed. But nothing would or will stop us from saying how very much we will miss your live commentry on life, the problems of cats and humans, and the odd dog too.
    Our condolences go to your family who I know will have a massive hole in their lives. One that only a feline of stupendous talent, massive intergalactic interdimensional interlect (try saying that quickly after a few sherries) and unbounded wit could fill.
    We, along with so many others, share your family’s loss. Hopefully you will find time, once you’ve got to grips with this whole new incorporal dimension thing, to find time to answer a few more questions, and maybe pen a few more of your excellent stories.
    End on a high they always say, and boy did you do that.
    God bless and god speed on your latest adventure… wherever that may be – I just hope they have some of your fav stinky goodness fancy feast!
    Gentle purrs to you all
    ERin & Mrs H

  5. We are in shock, We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t ease the pain. We are so sorry for your loss. Our Pete is nearing the end of his time here with us and we know that Max will be a waiting to greet him in the not to distant future. The happy memories that our fur kids leave us with far out weigh the the sadness at their leaving us. It just takes time for the pain of loss to recede so we can appreciate the happy times we had!
    You and Max’s whole family are in our prayers!

  6. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. No matter how long how furbabies are with us, it is NEVER long enough. I will greatly miss Max’s snarkiest and wise advice to fellow kitties.

  7. Oh, we are so, terribly sorry to hear about Max, and right after Buddah too, your poor hearts. There are unfortunately no words that can take away the pain of sorrow and loss, but please know that we are thinking of you and thankful for all of Max’s snark, joy, and wisdom over the years.

    Teary hugs from Riley and Max’s furry fans in Sweden

  8. I am in massive sadness! Not only did I lose my cat this afternoon but the bigger blow was finding out that Max followed in going to the Bridge! Max was pretty much a household conversation topic not just for me but my husband as well! He was a bigger than life, totally brilliant cat who never failed to brighten up anyone’s day. I will miss the Ask Max Monday columns and the way he answered questions. Life will be a it dull and his personality light will not be here any longer. Rest in peace my little feline sweetheart! Yes, he has been that for years though we never met in person! He was a joy and even more he was a joyous life changer! R.I.P.

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