Ask Max Monday: It’s Hot Outside, Stay In, Ok?

Ask Max Monday

Hi hi Max 

Wez has a suggestion for upset tummies. 

When Angel Boo had thyroid and kidneys he had upset tummy.  Our Vet recommended 1/4 of a Pepcid AD, once day..make sure it’s the aspirin free kind. 

It helped him a lot 

Your Canuck fanz 

Oakley and Sugar

That’s worth keeping in mind if I get nauseated again. This has been a better week for me, and today I’ve actually felt like more like myself than I have in a long time. We’ll make sure to call the stabby lady and see what she thinks if I start turning my nose up at food again. Thanks!

= = =

Tripod SissyCat wants to know if heat stroke is really a danger for cats. She adores being out on the porch, and wants to be out there all day. The problem is us mean people will not let her stay when it’s the middle of a hot summer day. She doesn’t think it will be a problem to be outdoors in the little bit of shade in 95-100 degrees, but us mean people disagree.

She is challenging us and wants to know if we know what heat stroke even looks like in a cat.

Yes, heat stroke in cats (and dogs) is a very real thing. Yes, we seem to like hot spots and will lounge in front of a roaring fire for a long time, but if left unchecked our core temps can get too high and we can suffer from heat stroke or heat stress, and it can be a very bad thing.

Things to look out for:

  • Panting that increases in severity
  • Gums that go either really red or really pale, and possibly a red tongue
  • Super fast heart rate
  • Increased breath rate
  • Drooling
  • Dizziness or walking kinda drunk
  • Weakness/muscle tremors
  • Lack of peeing
  • Confusion

Pretty much, if it’s too hot for a person to stay outside, it’s too hot for the cat, no matter what she wants. In this, err of the side of caution. Shade helps, water helps, but if a cat has a safe indoor space to be during the hot parts of the day, that’s where they belong.

Better safe than sorry on this one.

= = =

Max, I didn’t realize you are 19. Have you tried the thyroid ear medicine? There is also a liquid form that may agree with you better. XO

I’m giving the ear medicine a try right now. In fact, the Man molested my ear just a few minutes ago to rub it in. It seemed to be the best option for now, given than they never know if I’m going to eat what they offer me. I don’t mind it, really, and so far it’s not upsetting my stomach.

= = =

Dear Max.
They say it is never too late, but given I had the snip some years back, I’m guessing it is. But I can’t help wondering what your thoughts are on parenthood and yourself. Would you have homeschooled, or sent away to boarding school? Would you have girls or boys? How many would you like? And most importantly, what would be your top choices for names
Oh, and would you like them to carry on your family tradition of writing? If so, what would your chosen subjects for them be?

Hm. Gender wouldn’t matter to me; boy or girl, that would have been aces. And I think I would have only wanted one, someone to mold in my image, someone I would have named Stormageddon after the really cool Stormy in Doctor Who. Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All. In fact, if the People ever have another pet after us, they already know that’s what I want for their name. Kind of a piece of me staying here, I think.

Education? Totally homeschooled. That’s what PBS and YouTube are for! Kitty life is too short for boarding school and I would have wanted my offspring to get the best education daytime TV can offer. And that’s at home.

It would have been nice to have someone to take over my writing career but I’d never ask them to stick to my writing realm. Whatever floated their furry little boat. I am hoping the Woman continues on with Wick and I think she will, but maybe advancing it a few years so she has new stuff to work with. But my voice will still be there, and I like that I’ll stuck around a bit that way.

I’m not done yet, though. The last Wick Shorts book should be out in a couple weeks, and it is wonderful, if I do say so myself. This one is woven around redemption, something we all need a shot at.

= = =

Doods…this has been a pretty okay week. The People discussed my issues with the stabby person and she suggestion changing the form of medication that I’m on. Instead of seeds, I now get a gel rubbed into my ear, and a slightly lower dose since I’ve lost so much weight.

Seriously. I weighed at my peak 18.5 or so, and now I’m down to 9.5 pounds.

Keeping me off it despite how well I was eating turned out not to be an option because the side effects could be just as bad if not worse—speeding heart rate, jitteriness, my heart could give out, or stroke. But I’ve been back on meds for 3 days now and am eating just fine. Last night the Woman realized I was not hiding in the closet, but hanging out in my room and occasionally wandering out to see what was up.

Today I’ve been pestering her for stuff (and getting it) and I sat in her lap for a long time, which made her happy.

This really is like being on a roller coaster, a lot of ups and downs, but for now, I’m okay.

I look a little rough and frail—and I am—but doods, I’m hanging in there.

= = =

If you have questions, leave them in the comments or in email and I’ll get to them next week.

8 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: It’s Hot Outside, Stay In, Ok?

  1. Max,
    You’re the wisest kitty we know. We are sitting at the screen door looking at our human outside on her swing. She is leaking all kinds of water from her eyes ever since she took our sister to the stabby guy earlier today. Our sister was really old (almost 20) and our human said the stabby place had to help her over the bridge. I know this is kind of a sensitive subject in your world right now. Can you help our human know that she did the right thing for our sister? I think she knows that somewhere deep down, but she is feeling guilty–like maybe there was something else she could have or should have tried. Our sister was her very first cat ever. I know she loves us all, but she seems to be taking this one extra hard. You always know what to say Max. Purrs, Itsie, Bit, & Pipsqueak

  2. Good to hear that you are feeling better, Max! I get the ear goo too right now. The worst part is the weekly ear cleaning, that part stinks. At least the human is quick and uses warm water.

    Be sure to demand your post lube snack. Don’t let them try to get by with molesting your ear for free. I get the Churu sweezy stuff, it’s the Bomb! The Amazon dude just brought me a new supply. Chicken and scallop, yum!


  3. Max you are a special Cat, You look so much like my Peter, and you are about the same age, Pete is dealing with diabetes and like you, he has good days and bad too, life is a journey and good friends make it together. One thing is for sure, You both will live forever in the hearts of those with whom you have shared love!

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