Ask Max Monday: Lazy Like Monday Morning

Ask Max Monday

I'm just gonna crawl back into bed and take a nice, toasty warm nap.

The sheets look wrinkled, but they're fresh out of the dryer, so while I wait for questions for next week's ASK MAX MONDAY, I think I'm going to take 3,285 naps right here where it's quiet and warm.

Also, I'm waiting to see this week's Doctor Who. The people have decided to watch it on Mondays instead of when it's airing, like Bast intended, which means I have to wait, too, and THAT'S NOT FAIR, doods. They started doing this because they can watch it on Amazon Prime on Monday, with no commercials, which is fine but COME ON, everyone else got to see it yesterday and if they want no commercials they can record it and watch it an hour later and fast forward through all that chit.

No, instead they're making me wait. LIKE A PEASANT.

Have a good week, doods, and do't forget, you can drop questions for me right here in the comments, or email me at

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5 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Lazy Like Monday Morning

  1. Max, whuts yer seekrit for getting the peeps to turn on the danged fireplace? Mine won't do it cuz they say it's a spare the air day. Like the air could get any werse, rite? 

  2. Hi Max,

    We think that Dr. Who needs a cat. She should rescue this cat and keep it. In the Tardis. This cat should be really wise and should help her a lot with her problems. What do you think? We could start a letter writing campaign to get Dr. Who a cat!


    Lady Charlotte, Linnet, and Chaucer

    P.S. One of us would be happy to apply for the part.

  3. Hi Max, I think you should be looking to move to the UK. I mean we get Dr Who on the day plus advert free! Gotta be worth a punt at getting the folks ship themselves over here. Now as to questions, do you have a preferred sleeping area for your bed, or do you mix it up with the humans? Also have you a prefered colour and fabric? Being a tux of supreme intelligence and taste, I have to pick everything in this house else Mrs H would have me and the palace in kharki and battleship grey!



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