Ask Max Monday: Poop Happens

Ask Max Monday

Hey Max,

So the mom set up a room for the foster kittens and it is great cause they have their own space (OK – except Daiquiri isn’t happy cause it is harder for her to get to the kitten food, but whatever).

Then the other night mom comes home and brings BACK a foster kitten only he is older and bigger and full of beans and he is sneezy.

He’s going back right???

Eh…don’t hold your breath. I know way too many people who bring home a foster and it never leaves. The Younger Human had some foster kitties, and now he has two cats. It’s always a happy thing for the people—they call themselves foster failures but really they’re just meant for those cats—but it’s not always the greatest thing for the cats already living there.

Might as well get used to the idea. He’s probably not a foster anymore. He’s a resident.

Have fun.

= = =

Max, Max, help us!

Is our human normal? She likes toona! Is she a cat? She can’t do any other cat stuff, except sleep lots, but that toona thing has us worried. What if she stops opening cans for us? What if she doesn’t give us any?

Your friends,

Angel and Gandalf

Humans who like tuna are AWESOME because if you’re nice, they’ll open a can of it and let you drink the tuna water. And let me tell you, that stuff is AMAZING. Sometimes there’s even little bits of tuna in it, but I like the water the best. I’ve been getting it for 18 years now and the Man (the only one who likes it) still opens cans for me. So you’re good! You have a tuna-eating human with working thumbs, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

= = =

Jack the Only Male Cat, who is now 3 years old, still insists he loves me! I get tired of him sniffing my Asterisk! And Bella Jo really loves Jack! BellaJo is about 6.5 years old.  She is a smooshy face cat! Mom was worried about how thin Bella was so Mom had to pay her younger sister for Bella! Mom all of us who belong with Mom have Tree Names–Well Mon called Bella Joshua Tree! But since that is long, And Bella has had her Name a long time! So Mom just started calling Bella,”BellaJo” and its a pretty name too! Plus Max, how do I make Sure that Jack begins to understand BellaJo really loves him?? BellaJo doesnt have a “MEOW” her Meow is only a “Maaaa” she sounds grumpy butshe is not! And she often willingly grooms Jack! BellaJo has an underbite. So when she drinks water, her Chin Furrs get soaked! SoBelkaJo and Jack are Closer in age! Granted BellaJo has super long Furrs too! Mom combs BellaJo now! Do you have an idea I can use? I  really want Jack to love BelkaJo back! And BellaJo, her 6.5 years age is way much closer to Jack’s  3 years age! I need a fool proof plan! I am going to go converse with BellaJo! Two Females witha plan! Once Jack really likes BellaJo, I will be free to date you Max!And don’t worry if your Neutered, I am Spayed too! Really I just want us to become better friends again! Is that okay,Max? To just become better friends??

I always like having friends. Lots and lots and lots and lots of friends. But the thing is…you can’t force Jack to love BellaJo. That’s kind of a thing she has to work out for herself. If she’s nice to him and stuff, he’ll either decide to love her back or just be really good friends, and sometimes that’s enough.

Now, as far as dating…I always schedule my dates on the second Tuesday of next week. So far, that seems to work really well for me. I could manage the second Thursday of next week, too. I’m pretty flexible like that.

= = =

Max, does Buddah still poop on the floor outside the box? What did your people do? My 16 year old Kiki has started doing the same thing, just inches from the box, and the vet says there’s nothing wrong with her. He suggested trying new litter, or adding another box, but we’re using the only litter we can (she’s picky to say the least.) So far she’s only going in that one spot and not all the time, so it’s not as if she were pooping all over the house. Did your people figure it out?

Buddah still poops on the floor. They tried a second litter box in the spot where he goes, but that was right in the flow of traffic to the garage, and also right smack in front of the washer and dryer—and he still wedged between it and the wall to poop.

They bought a new littler box, a stainless steel one that doesn’t hang onto odors (and it’s nice, we all admit that) but still…every now and then he poops on the floor.

They figured he sometimes doesn’t want to crawl into the box, even though the front is low, because he has arthritis in his hips, and they don’t want to make him feel bad about it, so they bought a box of puppy pads and just keep a couple of big ones on the floor all the time. If he poops, it’s no big deal, just fold the pad up, throw it out, and put down a clean one.

Sometimes he acts embarrassed about it, so I don’t think he can help it. No one ever says anything to him about it, there’s no yelling, and I don’t think they even get upset. One time the Woman caught him doing it and all she did was say, “It’s okay. I’ll get it.” I think not getting mad is important, because we know it when you’re mad and that just makes things worse.

If Kiki doesn’t have anything the vet can find, and she’s pretty firm on the litter, you might want to try a new box with a lower entry is hers is high. Maybe give her probiotics—that’s one thing the vet suggested for Buddah, though it didn’t do anything for him (but it does for the Woman, so she thinks it’s always worth a try)—and see if there’s anything in her diet that might be hurting her gut. Also, next vet check, ask about any pain she might be in. Buddah’s not hurting a lot, but sometimes it obviously bothers him, which makes the Woman think his arthritis is part of the equation.

No matter what, though, maybe invest in some puppy pads and lay them out where she poops. If she’s like Buddah, she’ll go in the box when she can, but having those on the floor seriously helps with cleanup and I think he knows now that’s what they’re for. Honestly, the only time it’s a problem is when he’s pooped and no one knows it yet, and they come in from the garage…it’s been stepped in.

= = =

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2 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Poop Happens

  1. Max, why did it go all black this week? It was pretty cool. The humans couldn’t see and it wuz funny cuz we could see just fine. I can’t wait for it to go all black again.

  2. Our Chuck pooped outside of the box for a long time before we figured out what was wrong…well, actually, we never figured it out for sure, but once we began to give him a steroid for IBD, he was better! We still had to pin puppy pee pads on the wall behind the litter box, ’cause his aim was very high, if youknowwhatImean. A human needs to figure out why the cat won’t go into the box to poop; is there a weird noise, or the box is too high now. The fact that the cat goes TO the box is a good sign, imho.

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