Ask Max Monday: Shameless Self Promotion…

Ask Max Monday

…and whatever else crosses my mind tonight. Yes, I realize there was no column last week and I fully intended to post something so everyone would know I was all right, but then the Woman started playing Enterprise on the TV and I got all wrapped up in that, and then there was food, and the next thing I knew it was Thursday and by then it was kinda late, so…

I also had some last minute work to attend to. Like, a brand new book. A long time ago I was asked if I would ever write another not-Wick book, and things snowballed, and I decided to interview Buddah. Lots of kitties weighed in with their questions, and then Buddah and I sat down to get started…a year ago.

It started as an interview but along the way turned into a long conversation. We just talked; I asked him all the things people wanted to know, but we bounced around from thing to thing, from the Big Thing to the stories he’s like to tell someday, to a little bit of writing advice from him, and to an understanding between us. It was not the book I intended it to be, but it’s the book it needed to be. For me. I needed this one.

It’s available right now on Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle app, and in print. It’s also up on a few other stores in digital format (Barnes & Noble, I think, and Kobo, probably a few others) and more will follow as it propagates through the distribution system, and the print version should start popping up in places other than Amazon within a week.

Will I write another book? I hope so. I’ve been working on some poetry, but I only have a few that are what I want them to be, so we’ll see how that goes. And I’m helping the Woman with notes on a new Wick book, but this one will jump forward, and it might take a while. We’re just taking notes right now, so she knows exactly what I want for a new series. I want it to be fun and funny and maybe have a lighter tone, but again, we’ll see. Somehow I always manage to drift into the Big Stuff and make people cry.

I mean, that’s a talent, but I really want to make them laugh, too.

= = =

The only questions I got in email this week boil down to this: are you okay? And doods, I am happy to report…yeah, I’m okay. My meds have been sorted, I have healed up from what seems to have been an injury that was making me not want to move and not want to eat, and I am eating reasonably well.

The Woman is not happy because I’ve lost more weight and am down to 8.5 pounds, but it is what it is. I’m acting normally, I’m eating, I’m using the litter box (though even I have to admit, sometimes I don’t manage to get in all the way and have let loose all over the floor) and I seek out her lap every day. I’m doing everything I was doing before…and that’s good.

Honestly, right now my only issue is age. And to paraphrase an old quote… I don’t regret that, because age is a privilege denied to many. And doods, there are so many good things about it! You can get away with anything, because, well, you’re old and no one gets made at an old man. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m pretty sure I could pee all over someone and they would be all, aww, Max, it’s okay, I’ll clean you up.

Now I kinda want to try it. Or maybe not. But I get food whenever I want, a lap whenever I want–no kidding, it doesn’t matter what a person is doing, they stop and let me sit on them–and if I don’t feel like being social, they bring food to me!


It’s awesome.

= = =

Y’all have a great week. Mine will be spent avoiding the spinning wheels of the Woman’s inside dammit machine. She’s doing a virtual ride to raise money for childhood cancers, but because of the air here (all full of smoke and ash…there are a lot of fires near here still) she’s doing it in the front room in front of a tiny TV, and holy fork…I am learning some new things for the Bad Word List.

= = =

If you have questions, leave them in the comments or in email and I’ll get to them next week.

9 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Shameless Self Promotion…

  1. Hello Max, I’m glad you’re feeling better. The ear stuff is so much easier to deal with than pills, isn’t it? As long as you get the required bribe, that is.

    I have a question, oh wise one. My human occasionally gives me tuna and salmon food, and it is SOOO GOOD! I eat almost the entire can, but then I hork it up a few minutes later.

    Granted, my human staff are very good about cleaning up the mess and feeling sorry for me, but I would rather keep the wonderful tuna and salmon food in my tummy. Have you any suggestions for keeping the fishy goodness in me and not on the carpet?
    Thanks, Max!

    Your fan, Hnossa
    P. S. I love the new book!

  2. Max:

    Not really a question, more of a thank you. You were really nice a few years ago when my Little Guy went to the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly; he had been sick for a long time, but I did not know until it was too late. You told me it was nothing I had done, and he had a great life for the years he was with me, better than he would have had otherwise.

    Well, my Mini went to the Bridge yesterday. She was 22+ years old! She had beaten diabetes and was living quite well with level 3 kidney failure when some other things went wrong! I miss her very much, but I am happy she was with me for as long as she was, and she was happy too, and that is what matters.

    We love you while you are here, and we will love you when you are gone.

    Thanks for letting me talk, Max.


  3. Minions, how cool is that!

    By the way, i have a cat who loves being brushed, but turns around and swats or nips and sometimes leaves me bleeding a bit. So i bought a brand new toilet brush from the Dollar Tree, and the bristles are firm but not too firm, and he loves it. The handle is long enough that i can brush him and if he turns to swat or nip, my hand isn’t right up close for him to catch it, i wish i’d thought of this years ago.

  4. I can’t wait to read your book. Tell your minions to get you some Fancy Feast kitten food- it has more calories in it and is tasty. Well, I haven’t tried it, but Jinx loves it.

  5. Max,

    Dood, I’m so glad you’re doing well!! You deserve all the treats, all the laps, all the Doctor Who’s, just all of the good stuff in life. You have trained your minions well, and THAT’S the book I want to read… Stay well, get stronger, and enjoy every second. Hugs to you and your minions.

  6. Wow, Max are we ever glad you are okay! We missed you. I am an old dude too and I agree that we can get pretty much anything we want. I have to have insulin injections and food twelve hours apart, I like my dinner at 5:00 PM SHARP so now my dad gets up at 5:00 every day to give me food, tuna flake treat and my insulin. I cooperate because…. well, because Tuba Flakes are the best treat ever!

    Please excuse any typos, I am laying on the typist’s left hand!

  7. Dude, I can see why you missed a week. I think I’d have slept through at least two trying to dodge all the bad stuff and keep up with all the housekeeping chores that I manage as well try and write my own book.
    I shall be sending the staff here out to buy the book asap, and to put a small deposit down on the upcoming books also. Have you thought about selling shares in the books?
    Anyways, great to see you this week, and the book cover too. Mrs H and I would love to know, when they come to make the movie of your life and adventures thus far, who you would groom and cast to play you, and the other lead roles in your life story. Past and present actors are allowed.
    Till laters!

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